Stef’s Sunday Song

Adele & Justin Bieber

This week is a double party. With all this new music constantly being released each week it’s honestly extremely hard to pick just one song. I’ve come to the decision to talk about two today! They do say two is better than one!

Starting with Justin Bieber’s new song Sorry, an upbeat party song, has me really excited for his upcoming album. As I stated in my previous post, Justin’s album, Purpose, will be released on November 13th coinciding with One Direction’s fifth studio album, Made In The A.M.

Bieber’s new single was produced by Skrillex, a world renowned electronic music producer, DJ, singer and songwriter. Sorry is the type of song you would hear a DJ mixing at a club. The trumpet sound throughout the song provides a dance-worthy, feel good sound. Listening to the beat on repeat the entire weekend has me wanting to get up and dance.

Typical for any pop song, the lyrics are repetitive, so learning them was a piece of cake. The song is obviously about Justin’s past relationship with Selena Gomez and him apologizing for all of his wrong doings. He goes to sing “Is it too late now to say sorry? Yeah I know that I let you down.” In turn, Gomez has recently released her comeback album, Revival.

Now, let’s move onto Adele’s new single. Her highly, highly anticipated album, 25, is set to release, November 20th, just a week after Bieber’s. The preorder link, which was released October 23rd, comes with the first single, Hello, complete with a 6 plus minute music video.

This is Adele’s first release since her last album, 21, four years ago. Hello, is a ballad and something you would listen to while you sip a glass of wine and light a candle and just kind of think about your life.

The sound of the piano is very distinctive and pulls everything together. The beat is made stronger with the sound of drums, a guitar, and Adele’s powerful voice takes the cake. You can hear the pain and heartbreak in her voice. The chorus is the most powerful and chilling part; her high notes become a bit raspy which makes for a beautifully unique sound that hits you right in the heart and sends goosebumps up your arms. Her voice and lyricism are so tremendously strong even after her four year break.

The music video beat the 24 hour Vevo record which was previously held by Taylor Swift for the Bad Blood music video at 20.1 million views. Adele beat the record at just 20 hours. The total views at 24 hours are 23.2 million. She couldn’t have chosen a more perfect single or perfect time for her abrupt comeback. This song just screams Adele and I can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us on the rest of her album.









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