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Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes, known famously for being in the British-Irish boyband The Wanted, has gone solo following the band’s hiatus in 2014. The band gained worldwide success after their release of Glad You Came in late 2011 early 2012. Since the hiatus, Nathan has been featured on Ariana Grande’s song Almost Is Never Enough, from her album Yours Truly, which was featured in the film City Of Bones and has also released three singles.

Sykes’ sound is a mix between jazz and pop, having a peculiar combined style of Nick Jonas, Olly Murs, Ne-Yo and Justin Timberlake which wouldn’t normally work, but boy does it work so well.

Over And Over Again, my personal favorite of the singles, is a song you would expect in my Autumn Playlist. It’s a slow piano based ballad that really displays the vocal ability Nathan has. The first time I heard it was when Nathan performed it on the UK X Factor just last weekend and I instantly fell in love and was so captivated by the way he played the piano. I undoubtedly thought of Olly Murs as I played the song later on that evening, reminding me of Olly’s One Of These Days and I Need You Now.

His song Kiss Me Quick definitely has a distinctive jazz sound. The song automatically reminded me of a mix between Ne-Yo and Justin Timberlake with its upbeat 60’s New Orleans vibe. The sound of the trumpet throughout the song easily gives you the urge to get up and dance. This is definitely a song Nathan would have an absolute blast performing.

Lastly, his third single More Than You’ll Ever Know naturally reminded me of Nick Jonas’ song Chains. Even though Nathan’s song has more of a jazz feel compared to Chains, there were still a lot of similarities, especially in vocals. More Than You’ll Ever Know is not so much an upbeat song but isn’t a ballad either. It’s a song you would find yourself snapping your fingers to while enjoying an evening out with friends at a jazz bar.

With major differences in sound between The Wanted and what Nathan Sykes is releasing now, this, in my opinion, suits him so well. The jazz influences agree with his vocals superbly. I’m happy for him and can’t wait for the release of a full-length album, which will hopefully come soon!




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