Love your child with autism as who they are

Often it is our expectations that take over the whole autism experience. It is difficult to let go at our own agenda but is it really worth it? Is it really safe for our children to be lead through a journey which isn’t theirs?

Since Z was diagnosed I took the all diagnosis issue in a more practical way; maybe because I already knew, maybe because I was already expecting something…. At one point I thought to myself “I need to step back and let Z lead me on his journey”.

This is his journey and no mine, this is his life and not mine… of course Z will always need some type of help, but the help I am giving him and will always give him is the help that he feels he needs. And this is why i feel that something like the approach we use is very crucial for his development.

Intensive interaction I believe is the one approach that helps children develop in their own space and in their own time. Differently from other approaches Intensive Interaction gives the child the freedom to lead the adult in their journey.

Isn’t it beautiful? I never believe that an adult should impose their own agenda on a child, moreover she we talk about autism I believe is even more important to let the child be who they are and for the parent to love their child as they are.