We play drums.. with a purple ball

One of the beauty of Intensive Interaction is that any tool can become a way to communicate, express and enjoy!

We have this purple huge ball… it’s an exercise ball which is not really used for nothing…until now!

Z found it in the cupboard and kept repeating the word “ball”. Of course I knew he wanted to play with this ball.. so I took it out and left it on the floor.

One of the thing Z started doing was banging on the ball.. you know like you do when you have drums… so I joined in… and we made some music!

With the same ball I introduced some new language too; ball, then purple.. purple ball! Z happily started echoing what I was saying, jumping up and down as he felt very proud repeating after me.

We clapped hands (this is out way to say well done) and we laughed.

That was very simple, but very powerful in terms of communicating something and making something together. The interaction was totally lead by Z who started to use the ball as a drum. Z was communicating something which could have been… he wanted to explore some sound, he wanted to bounce the ball… I looked and decided to join in to see where this journey took us… in the end Z’s purpose was just to hear some drums, so type of sounds which gave him comfort and relaxation.

As a parent can be difficult to understand what’s going on in that particular moment, however it can be done. It is just a matter of “tune-in” staying in the moment with your child.