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The ideas behind smart contracts are over twenty years old, but smart contracts only became a major talking point in the past five years, with the release of Ethereum and its Solidity programming language.

For much of 2017, you couldn’t move for ICOs promising to use smart contracts to revolutionize the way we transact and do business, and the cryptosphere is still awash with articles explaining the coming smart contract revolution, how smart contracts are going to disrupt everything from logistics to real estate

During the last two weeks our development team has been working hard to finalize major features of the upcoming testnet release.

The following tasks were completed in the period January, 29th — February, 8th:

  • Core: Blockchain persistency. Blocks are stored on disk now but no transaction pruning is applied.
  • Core…

During the Sprint 8 (Dec,31st — Jan,13th), the Stegos development team has released the blockchain prototype (MVP). The MVP release containts the following base features:

  • Nodes can select a group of validators among them
  • Nodes can elect a leader of the consensus
  • Nodes can verify incoming transactions
  • The leader of…


Stegos creates cutting-edge technology that keeps your secrets safe from prying eyes so you feel empowered and secure

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