When figuring out something fun today, I wanted to do something that wouldn’t consume a ton of time due to my crazy schedule at the moment. I at first thought about things I hadn’t done in a while and the first thing that came to my mind was doing a puzzle. I used to do puzzles when I was really little with my grandpa never really thought about doing them after. One of roomates had a 500 piece puzzle that creates a cat on a motorcycle. I was very tempted but that would have taken way too long. So instead, I thought about card games, another old school toy. My roomate also had a deck of Uno cards and I remember I used to love playing Uno but hadn’t played since I was in 5th grade. I brought the deck of cards with me in my backpack on Friday and kept waiting to find someone to play it with. Luckily when I went into work, my friend and co worker Annie wasn’t working on anything and I asked her if she’d like to play and she was stoked. We ended up laying 3 rounds of it just between the two of us cause we couldn’t stop it was so fun and hysterical. Especially when our boss walked in and asked us what we were doing…


 1. Design/Craft Space: As a beginning designer, I have zero clue as to how to organize all my random supplies. I have many friends from my design classes that also have the same problem. I’ve tried looking at pinterest and various design blogs but they’re not specifically what I’m looking for. I have supplies for various mediums of art and design. Things relating to painting, drawing, sewing, weaving, book making, and design. Along with those supplies, I still have yet to figure out a way to organized my sketch books and drawing pads wich range in size from 11"x14" all the way to 24"x36". Not to mention prototypes and old projects that aren’t paper and can’t just lay flat. My room is a constant mess along with my desk top.

2. Fridge Space: Fridges aren’t the best when people have their own purchases meant for just them. You can try writing your initials on it but things still get lost and it feels like there’s never enough space, especially when you have 5 people using it (roommates). We tried intialing and even tried each person having their own space. In college, this is one of the problems that most students, who have roommates, can relate to.

3. Roommate things???: This theme for me means how to organize the way things are bought and split between roommates. For example, when the apartment runs out of stuff that everyone uses such as dish soap, garbage bags, and paper towels. There should be some sort of organization system that makes it easier to figure out whose turn it is to purchase needed items in a simple and fair way.


  1. Cat Organizer
  2. Finger Nail Clipping Organizer
  3. Smell Organizer
  4. Shower Hair Organizer
  5. Lint Organizer
  6. Under the Crib Dirty Diaper Storage Organizer
  7. Literal Desk Organizer
  8. Limb Organizer for Sleep
  9. Toe Organizer
  10. Crumb Organizer
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