Blue Sky Ideation

Individual Idea Generation:
My how might we statement was: how might we easily and effectively store design supplies (from small pens and scissors, all the way to rulers and large sketchbooks)?

New Warm–Up Game:
I created a new game that I like to call “Kitty Likes”. How it works; everyone stands in a circle and one person starts by holding a cat. As they’re holding the cat, they say “Kitty likes when….”. As each person says what Kitty likes, they act it out and once they’re done, they pass it to the next person in the circle. Some examples included “kitty likes it when… I scratch their head, I give htem their medicine, I give them tummy rubs, I drop them on the ground”. After a few rounds of “Kitty Likes”, I had them play the Loser game we played in class so that they would feel more light hearted and laugh it mistakes.

Session Organization:
The participants in my brainstorm session included:
Sam Freeman; a junior from Minntonka, MN. She first went to Mizzou her first two weeks of college and then transferred to the U this year. She is majoring in journalism.
Asher Mintzer; a recent graduate from Lake Forest College and majored in sociology and anthropology. 
Rachel Green; a sophomore here at the U from Naperville, Illinois. She is majoring in Biomedical engineering. 
Katie Kollath; a junior from Green Bay, Wisconsin amjoring in Health Services Management.

I had the participants come to my apartment at 8 pm. We started the first warmup game at 8:10. At 8:20 I had them sit down and explained what they would be doing with more detail and gave them my “how might we statement”. Once they were had begun, inspired by our class, I brought two bags of Dove chocolate to get them pumped. After the first 10 minutes, I gave them a 1 minute break.

I then asked them to think of a character and be inspired by them. After another 10 minutes of being in character mode, I had them stop for a 1 minute break. After that break, I had them do the anti one. After 10 minutes of that, I had them stop and gave them another 1 minute break. I counted up their ideas to find the group’s IPM. The had 82 ideas in 30 minutes with 5 people. Their overall IPM is .54666 meaning it took each of them about 2 minutes to come up with 1 idea which is not very good.

Sorting and Voting: I brought them back together and had them silently put the ideas into categories which took them about 7 minutes.

They made 8 categories: In a room, things that already kind of exist, clothing/accessory related, things that are stupid, places where you wouldn’t find them again, things inside stuff, nature, and realistic good ideas.

1. In a room 2. things that already kind of exist 3. clothing/accessory related
1. Things that are stupid 2. Places where you wouldn’t find it again 3. Things inside stuff
1. nature 2. Realistic and good

Once they were done sorting them all, i gave each of them 7 yellow tags which they would put on their favorite idea, doesn’t need to be real, and then 7 purple tags to put on their favorite realistic idea.

In total; there were only 8 with yellow tags, many of which had multiple tags on them, 4 with both yellow and purple tags on them, and then 13 with the purple tags.

Top Ideas: