Individual Idea Generation

How might we make desks more effective at storing papers?

New Warm-Up Game

For the new warm-up game, one person would think of a theme and tell it to another person, and the idea was to freestyle rap it. They could then pass it down the group and try and have everyone get a line or two in. Most of the group started out very against it, and said they “didn’t want to try” or that “they’re not good at rapping” or that “this was the last time they would help me with a project”. But after a few minutes, people were getting really loose and having fun with it, which was good to see. In addition, we also did the game where you start a story, and it goes down the group and people finish each others’ sentences.

Session Organization

We did the brainstorming session for about 22 minutes in one of the study lounges in Territorial hall.

Before the session I told them to come in with some ideas, but no one in the group decided to do so which sort of told me that this session wasn’t going to go particularly well. The four people I had in this discussion were Abbey, Ellie, Brianna, and Kade. Abbey is a math major from Chicago, IL, and she thinks about things very analytically which I thought would be a good perspective, as opposed to those who very things more creatively. Ellie is an engineering major from Prior Lake, MN, so she would most likely think about things in a very creative but practical way which would also be a good addition to the group dynamic. Brianna is an undecided student from Green Bay, WI, who wants to get into the nursing school here. Kade is from Savage, MN, and is majoring in sports marketing. I tried to gather people who didn’t know each other before college and all came from different areas.

It didn’t take long for the group to quickly get off topic and come up with ideas that pertained to just “desk” and not to the main “How might we” question. After the first 12 minutes, I decided to have them stop because it was starting to get off the rails and ideas were becoming too distant. After a quick break they came back together and tried to come up with a few more ideas for the next 10 minutes.

The group came up with 42 different ideas in 22 minutes. This comes out to about 1.9 ideas per minute and about 0.47 ideas per group member per minute.

Sorting and Voting

The group put up different ideas into different groups without saying anything to one another like how we did in class. The categories were (left to right) “General Desk organization ideas”, “Changes in paper products”, “Desk add-ons or additions”, “Side-desk additions” and “Desk design changes”. Then they each picked 5 ideas that they thought were the best. The ten ideas with the most votes became the “Top Ideas” in the next section.

Top Ideas

Credit is listed in order the ideas appear.

Brianna, Kade, Quinn
Abbey, Quinn, Ellie
Ellie, Kade
Abbey, Brianna
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