A few days ago, I realized how far I’d lowered the Presidential grading curve:

Did #45 start a war today? No. Passing grade.

Recognizing that I am as biased as anyone else (in a special snowflake way), I struggle to understand how roughly 37.6% of the electorate actually approves of incoherent babble, overt racism, demonstrable ignorance, and unfettered hypocrisy (Jared’s emails). Though there’s been a lot of emoting and hat wearing, I’ve not yet heard a measured, logical argument for supporting #45.

After almost a year, I’m still stuck on: Donald J Trump — supposed billionaire — is @POTUS. What. The. …

This Deadline transcript demonstrates why the traditional film studio and “big time” Hollywood producer are both dead and don’t seem to know it.


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Bart & Fleming: How Bad Was Movie Summer 2017?

I imagine people reading these transcripts who are thinking, like me, why won’t the old fart just do a podcast?

The guy in his mid-40s is telling the guy in his mid-80s that the film industry is on the verge of doom, so the old guy rambles on about Bonnie and Clyde for five hundred words. Does he even realize the global market exists?

Sure, Pirates 5 came up short compared to the first four installments with $786M worldwide to date. Think that’s bad? Everyone claps and dances for the big summer “hit” Wonder Woman. It’s grossed $14M more than Pirates as of right now. …

By now, I hope we can agree that the lines between marketing and sales have blurred considerably in this age of mobile tech and social media. As put forth in a recent blog, the marketing arm of the operation is increasingly on the hook for the most grueling entry level sales task — discovering suspects out in the wild and delivering them as qualified prospects to the senior sales team.

In tech, our area of specialty, the daunting nature of this challenge seems to be sinking in for the marketing directors with whom we work. It’s no secret that a disproportionate number of the tech concerns still need venture capital (VC) to operate. VC is harder to come by than it was a year ago. …

Maybe it’s just me, but LinkedIn (LI) now seems like a noisier, boring version of Twitter that’s also counter-intuitive and overly self promotional. I admittedly use only the free version, so my experience is tainted by the constant attempts to upsell me.

That, plus the relentless pressure to connect me with people I don’t know, makes the whole thing irritating. I’m literally fewer degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon than 95% of the potential contacts suggested by LI algorithms. …

For everything that is innovative or leading edge, there exists that which serves a purpose or is economical. Those products and services need sales and marketing love too.

I brought fifteen years of B2B sales experience into my role as president of Lion’s Way, our content services agency. During my time as a sales professional, I learned that adequate, cheap, or easy to install could be just as special as the most groundbreaking and disruptive snowflake. Unfortunately, I was never allowed to say cheap, easy, or disruptive out loud in front of a prospect. Ever.

The trick was always finding a message acceptable to management—one that matched such a product or service to the prospect who recognized its value. …

3 Ways to Determine if You’re Content is as Bold as It Needs to Be

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A collection of Wilson Bentley Snowflake images

Whenever we sit down with a new client, the discussion very often turns to creating something provocative, bold, or unique. Sounds easy enough, but special operates on a sliding scale. Not all B2B marketing content plays by the same rules and the business you’re in influences how leading edge or different you can be.

For example, compliance issues influence what you can publish in the financial services and insurance industries. Health services is in a similar regulatory boat. Others like telecom and industrial products speak in very targeted, industry-specific language.

On the other end of the spectrum, tech startups are limited only by their imaginations. Bold and provocative is the status quo — bringing a sameness to special made evident by a marketplace full of digital assets indistinguishable from each other. …

The decline of the decline of long-form fiction.

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With so many forms of entertainment and education competing for our attention, I’m not surprised that literary and media stalwarts are once again questioning the novel’s relevance in our digital landscape:

Literary fiction used to be central to the culture. No more: in the digital age, not only is the physical book in decline, but the very idea of ‘difficult’ reading is being challenged.

We’ve been through this before — when silent films became talkies, after televisions popped up in every living room, and as Sonic the Hedgehog zoomed across our screens. Oh, my! …

Karl Steiner

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