Vue Hero’s roadmap to learn Vue.js

Why should I learn Vue.js?

Vue.js is becoming more and more popular. It even has more stars on GitHub than React (backed by Facebook)! The framework is easy to get started with, easy to implement and has a kick-ass performance.

Vue is a progressive framework. What this means is that you can implement it either just a piece of an existing project or you can build an entire project using Vue.js.

Where to start?

Knowing where to start is often a big problem for beginners. There is so much content out there. I have created a site called Vue Hero where you can learn everything you need to know about Vue. You can start with zero knowledge, and finish as a Vue.js hero.

To get started with learning Vue.js

If you have no experience with VUe.js, you should start by taking my “Getting started with Vue.js” course. The course is free, and you will learn many of the basic concepts of Vue.js.

We’ll begin by including Vue.js in a simple HTML page. From there we’ll continue by introducing one and one concept like “Conditional rendering”, “How to bind attributes?” and “Components”.

When you’ve finished this course, you should understand a little bit more about how Vue.js works, and maybe even start to play around a little bit for your self.

Where can I learn more?

If you’re a beginner, it might be hard to understand use the knowledge from the previous part in a real world project. Because of that, I have created one more free course called “Build a YouTube bookmarking site using Vue.js”.

In the “Build a YouTube bookmarking site using Vue.js” we will start by installing Vue.js using Vue CLI 3. This will be a real world project, where we build the project piece by piece. The first parts include installing Firebase, setting up Firebase authentication and how to implement Bulma.

After everything is set up and your users can register, we’ll continue the course by making it possible to add categories and movies. The categories and movies will be saved to Firebase Cloud Firestore.

In part 9 and 10, we’ll make it possible to delete movies and change the category name.

We’ll introduce many new exciting concepts like how to connect to an API, authentication and more. This course will end when we deploy it to a live server.

I want to become a Vue.js Hero

Becoming really good at Vue.js and really understand everything requires a lot of practice. I have just released the 12 first parts of a premium course called “Ultimate Hero”.

The real world project we’re building in Ultimate Hero is a clone of Trello. We will start easy, and then implement on piece at the time and introduce more and more Vue.js concepts.

During this course, you will learn everything you need to know about Vue.js. We’ll start the course by explaining a little bit about the project, then we go on to install Vue.js, Firebase, and Bulma.

Then we continue by setting up some basic views like the front page, about page and pricing page. Next parts will be authentication before we start to create the project pages, boards, drag and drop cards, and a lot of other cool features.


So if you decide to learn Vue.js, you don’t have to look any further. Vue Hero helps you all the way.

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