OKC Thunder looking forward to extend Westbrook’s contract

Russell Westbrook accomplished a lot of things last season, but we are talking about individual accomplishments as Thunder didn’t pass even the first round of the playoffs. He did whatever he could to help his team to play better basketball but Thunder couldn’t get it done and they got eliminated by Houston Rockets. After the end of the postseason Westbrook said to the organization “look that can’t keep going on, I need some good players to help me”. He asked for it and Sam Presti couldn’t refuse it. Presti brought some great deals for the team. Thunder traded Victor Oladipo and Donatas Sabonis in exchange for Paul George….Wow that’s an insane deal that nobody could imagine. Not to mention the fact that any of the reports hadn’t mentioned that OKC was one of the teams that were interested in Paul George. Even George was surprised by this trade, as he said that he didn’t expect it at all.

Listen to Skip Bayless, I agree with him, don’t pay attention to what Shannon Sharp — the comedian said.

Along with George, Oklahoma City also acquired Patrick Patterson, Raymond Felton, and re-signed Andre Roberson this offseason. With big men Steven Adams and Enes Kanter both still in the equation, the Thunder are well-equipped to improve upon their 47-win season and perhaps advance past the opening round of the playoffs.

Now that Westbrook has a No. 2 option he knows he can depend on, Collison believes the point guard won’t have a problem putting more trust in those around him, despite spending last season shouldering a disproportionate amount of the load.

“I think (Westbrook) understands he’s got Paul George on the wing and he’s got Patterson and he’s got Steven rolling to the basket. I think he’ll figure it out,” Collison said. “I just think he’s really smart, and he’ll figure it out.”

Russell Westbrook now, has the help that he needs, plus that a report uncloaked that Thunder wanna give Kyle Singler to the Toronto Raptors, so then they can create some space for another player. Apart from that, Westbrook’s contract has one year left and that makes Thunder wonder what Westbrook’s thinking about his future with the organization. Thunder desperately wanna extend his contract in order to be sure that he will continue playing for the Thunder. Even if Thunder wanna sign him right now, it’s not that easy for him to close a deal like that. He needs time to think about it and make the right decision for him and his future.

What I believe? Yes hopefully he will extend his contract (next summer) with the Thunder as he loves the organization, the fans, has a great relationship with the coach and his teammates and don’t forget that, he is the face of his team (Kyrie Irving so jealous of that). Let’s see the opposite side of this scenario. Next summer he will become FA and a lot of teams will desire to offer him new contracts. I don’t see a great destination for him. Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers will probably offer him everything in order to close a deal with him. Reports had uncloaked that both of them got him as a target. (For the Celtics: Isaiah Thomas has stated that he expects to sign a maximum extension with the Celtics next summer and if that happens, why Westbrook should consider this team as his next move, when Thomas will be in the point guard position? For the Lakers: Now that they have a deal with the “best” draft pick Lonzo Ball, who will be the starter point guard in his team, -I don’t see how Westbrook could fit in with them).

Right now he is focused on the training and developing a new friendship with the new addition Paul George. Westbrook has a lot of things to figure out, I mean, he has to see what needs to do for the new upgraded roster of the Thunder. A lot of work needs to put in order to build a chemistry and get ready for the new season which starts in October.

Russell’s mindset is all about compete and compete, nothing more. Russ wanna see what is going to happen now that he has a great squad and a big opportunity to chase the ring. If they have a great season and George decide to stay with the team then Russ will have a reason to stay. If the whole thing doesn’t work and George goes somewhere else, Russell knows that he won’t make it all by himself (like last season). It’s so simple. He wants to win a championship and nobody can blame him for that. He has spent his entire career with this team and they got close in 2012 (lost in the Finals against Miami Heat) and the season 2015–2016 were too close to eliminate the Warriors but they blew up a 3–1 lead. The result of this upcoming season will motivate him to sign or not this extension.

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