The Things I Learned From Trump .

The Throngs Of Trump

A Partial List: Lessons From Chairman Trump

  1. Bribing or what is now called “pay for play”: an Attorney General with your foundation money, Trump Foundation, money then claiming it was an accounting error is not corrupt.
  2. Encouraging Russian hackers to hack the emails of political parties and political campaigns is transparency, not a massive Watergate level crime of political sabotage.
  3. Groping and sexually assaulting women at the work place when you are the owner of a business, is not indecent, immoral, unethical, or a crime. Being a woman who stays married to a man who allegedly committed adultery, is a crime. Shaming that woman on the global stage by parading a menagerie of “the other women” is Evangelical Christian morality.
  4. Running a foundation that has not contributed to the world of philanthropy, other than some dribs and drabs to groups holding events at your hotel, is not as charitable, philanthropic, or as honorable as providing millions of nine million people with AIDS medications.
  5. The Constitution is irrelevant to Trump on Immigration, surveillance, torture, libel, due process, women’s reproductive rights. The authority of one man imposed above other branches and the constitution is the new standard of “our nation” and “patriotism” because democratic standards are cumbersome.
  6. Submitting your tax returns is now optional . Submitting your tax returns makes you a fool, but go ahead, confuse the air waves with issues of transparency.
  7. Supporting anti-democratic authoritarians like Putin is the new American standard, because it’s not democratic values that America cherishes, it’s all about some testosterone induced perception of leadership. Because being a tough guy is more important that the values of the enlightenment, that is just elite gibberish.
  8. Elites are all those who still cling to facts and don’t cling to conspiracies spun by televangelists, radio hucksters, alt-right nimrods and old school white supremacist gangs. Creating a fantasy of conspiracies is much more comforting than the complexity of the world. After all, who does not want a creation story, a tale of good and evil, a thriller, a science fiction story, or a horror show? These always come with a “good guy” who will save us. And what else than a mediocre, bankrupt white male lunatic as the hero?
  9. White working class is the new PC term for cracker, red neck, racist, bigot, low information voter. Sugar coating xenophobia, racism and misogyny with class does not change the cluster, it’s just a PC term for those who despise identity politics. They are not pining for the union wages, they are pining for all white male work places. They are not pining for Americans having GI bills, FHA loans, highway acts, quality public schools — no, they just want to keep the “others” from getting those things. It really sucks when your birthright as a white American mediocre male to privilege gets challenged.
  10. FBI Directors can be extremely careless with our democracy and the rights of citizens. But scolding a competent woman for a non scandal and violating the standards of the Department of Justice on so many levels is noble.

On November 9th, I hope we put this garbage heap of ideas, notions and “movement” in it’s place.

Vote, canvass, phone, organize and don’t be afraid. Fight them and call them out. Never stop struggling for democracy, justice and human rights.