An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

I actually resonated with this article and believe it brings up some important points. She is criticized for not pursuing options like roommates but have you considered how big her apartment is? Maybe it’s the size of a closet? I think what we all have lost sight of is the fact that most of us in this time pay too much of our salary for rent. This is a problem that previous generations didn’t have. In my parents time, the rents were lower and so they enjoyed a better life. Rents are out of control now. This obviously hit a chord with a lot of people or else it would’ve not been passed around. Generating side income takes a long time. It took me 6 months to write a book but I had been writing and studying the topic for three years. My first check from Amazon was $78. That’s a lot of time investment for such a small dent. I think she has every right to express her discontent and there are millions of workers and slaves who don’t have a voice. She’s both reckless, brave and obviously wanting more from life which she will find.

Talia, you have guts to emerge from the illusion of the Job Cocoon. Welcome to your next phase of life where you will be the calling the shots. Now and in the future it will be up to you to decide your next moves. You’ve made it out of the illusion. When you choose yourself, you have no more excuses.

I’m proud of you for being somewhat reckless.

As soon as you stop thinking of yourself as a victim, the sooner life will show you magic.