I Accept Your Surrender
Henry Wismayer

I have an idea: why not start a publication with you as the editor? That way people like me and Todd Hannula 🤓 know where to go to find the mind-blowing content? Or have you started one already? Your energy would be put to great use. I could help you by scouring Medium in search of the gems. But you would have the final say…

For example, this piece has only four hearts but I gained an entire volume of empathic suffering and I’m still thinking about the person who wrote it and her life story. I read that “5 minutes” piece and I don’t want to know the person who wrote it. Her piece was so powerful and she truly “CRUSHED IT”, albeit the echoes from her words are still reverberating in an empty bathroom where bloodstains of past heroin overdoses are still visible.

Her story prompted me to send her this, not out of pity, but as a strong signal that she is being heard, loud and clear:

It’s depressing that someone can write something so powerful and be in a state of terrible suffering and get four green hearts. Yes, something does need to change….. a new consciousness needs to emerge but how?

A publication? That’s my solution.

Your vitriol is appreciated. Let’s direct it into something vast and incapable of being ignored.