Yes it is an awesome photo.
Thomas R. Barton, JD

I’m curious if your perspective of “enormous amount of pressure” is somehow related to what you’ve experienced in the past?

I suppose I’ve lived a few different lives and I don’t exist in the male/female dichotomy anymore. I pretty much just follow my passions, and I push life to the extreme. I have no religion except the unknown. I see everything as a giant experiment. I suppose that is why I end up attracted to men half my age. They are open to experimentation where older men are not. I should say, older people. I can’t relate to 99% of women my age. I don’t feel like my age in any respect, except my physical body at times. Of course, I’ve been drinking, so I am feeling very confident indeed. I do want to get fucked though. It’s been 6 years. How much can a person take of introspection before they become insane? It’s not like I became celibate for religious reasons…… I am an atheist. But I have a razor sharp gut instinct now. If there’s no passion, I’m out.