I Accept You’re A Challenge

Oh hell! This was mind-blowing! Amazing! Rama with the two suns, one sun represents writing the harshest truths while the other symbolizes caustic wit!

White Person (Me when I was rich, young and insensitive to poverty)

[while reading Rama’s article]

“Let me get out my Yoga mat after I finish my non-fat Chai Latte, and meditate, and visualize the suffering of the brown people. Oh wait, my phone is giving me a notification, I got that promotion! And my man just sent me a message letting me know which hotel we’re staying at in the Bahamas next week. Oh, I have to go get a new swimsuit…wait, Rama, what were you talking about? I kinda lost track of what you were trying to get across. Why are you so sore? Just smile. I like you better when you smile. I feel less uncomfortable about me having everything and you brown people having nothing when you smile. Please smile. Wait, I have nothing to do with this. It wasn’t me. I didn’t do anything.

Rama responds: “Yes, I know. You continue to do nothing. That’s the problem.”

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