So Holly Wood banned me. Does interactivity have such a high cost in 2016?
Andrei Draganescu

Some people are sensitive and they may have a history with people who want to do them harm. I know you’re not one of those people but if your words were especially attacking in style, you cannot understand how they will be received by others. Women especially have been the targets of harassment and more……..cyberstalking. This experience changes the mind of the victim.

It’s happened to me too, and I have feelings of paranoia sweep over me still to this day. I can’t speak for holly wood but perhaps your critical attack/reply method needs to be re-thought out. I don’t mean censor your thoughts but just consider that there is a real person that can be hurt on the other side. Think through your words and direct them to yourself first. How would you feel if those attacks were directed at you. Fear and hurt are the reasons people block others, as far as I personally understand it.

Me, I rarely block people. I did have one crazy guy who scared me and I should probably block him but he just sort of dropped away so I don’t have to think about it. But it is scary. No one knows who the ticking time bomb is.