Finding A Common Connection Through Creativity
Brooke McBride

This is fantastic. I feel exactly the same way as you!!!! I’m going to turn your article into a video, I hope that’s ok?

I am really excited by school of Doodle even though I’m an adult. You see, creativity never dies unless we kill it off. I grew up as a teen thinking I wasn’t creative. It had been drilled into me that being creative was undesirable. The opposite is true. It took many years and many lights from others for me to find it in myself. Actually it was during a math class in college that I began to doodle. The lecture made my mind relaxed so my creativity sort of streamed out automatically. I didn’t know I could draw until that moment. My creativity has been a source of knowledge ever since. It happens without conscious thought and it surprises me. Many people have left their creative thoughts idle. Not me. I feel lost without my creative flow of ideas and work. Creativity is my life but I never knew it as a teen girl. This makes me wonder how many others are out there who never re-find their creative self?

I’m so happy to find your post. We are very much the same, it appears.