Why Car Dealerships Suck

After working nearly two years in sales at a car dealership, I have some theories as to why buying a car in a dealership sucks so much. The primary reason it sucks is that the dealership attracts greedy soul-sucking vampires, narcissists and psychopaths to work there. Almost all of my sales managers seemed to have one thing in common: an inability to feel empathy. Empathy was so scarce at my dealership that it is worth taking a deeper look into this issue to understand the psychological foundations of the car dealership. When you have no feelings for others, you can do things like rip people off, treat salespeople like shit, lowball trade-ins, destroy deals in front of salespeople and brag about ripping off elderly, innocent car buyers.

I’ll never forget one late night at my dealership when I overheard one of the high-ranking managers who I shall name, Dragon, telling the story of how he swindled $7000 out of an innocent, elderly car buyer. He lovingly told how he low-balled the trade-in vehicle and sold a bunch of unnecessary products to this customer, which, when totalled up, equalled $7000. When he told this story, he was surrounded by newly-hired salespeople who were all looking up to him for direction. This type of behavior creates a pathological atmosphere for the entire dealership.

As the Dragon had more and more interaction with me, he realized two things: 1. He could not control me in the robotic way he desired 2. I did not share his pathological sense of greed. When he fully realized these two things, he started avoiding me. But there was one problem: he had power and I did not.

This particular manager was a controlling asshole who got off on having power over others. He also had another destructive obsession: seducing young women.

One day, a young, attractive 18 year-old girl was hired to be a car salesperson by the Dragon. I have to admit, even I was taken off-guard by her physical beauty. She had a perfect body and her face looked a lot like those Bratz dolls. She wore lots of make-up and had long black hair. When she walked by you, she knew you were looking at her. I never felt jealous of her, but I picked up on a weird sensation when I was around her. I’m not sure what I was feeling, but she definitely changed the room when she entered it. I’ll call her the Doll from now on.

She had originally applied for a receptionist position but when Dragon saw her enter the dealership, he quickly found out what position she was applying for and intervened. He then talked her into a sales position so she would be directly under his power and closer to his dick. He told her he could make her a bunch of money if she just followed his directions.

Dragon became obsessed with her in no time. He knew exactly how many cars she had sold, and he took extra care with all her deals to ensure he made the most profit for her (and him). She became sort of an extension of him. When she arrived late to meetings, sweat rolled down his forehead and I bet his dick shriveled up a little each time. The head boss hated salespeople who arrived late to our morning meetings. Salesmen were fired all the time in those meetings when they arrived late. Each time the Doll arrived late (and she arrived late all the time), Dragon knew exactly where she was since they text messaged each other frequently.

Dragon’s professional judgement slowly but steadily went down the tubes while his member below the waist steadily expanded. I wondered at what point they were sleeping together. Dragon was married and had a small child and a wife. I felt sorry for his wife.

The gossip mill revealed that the Doll had slept with a couple of different guys at the dealership after being there a few months. She seemed prone to drama and the more I learned about her personality, the less beautiful she appeared to me. I started to feel sorry for her. I felt bad that she was hired because Dragon wanted to fuck her. This is one tragedy of the patriarchy.

I also witnessed the Dragon giving her a neck massage one time in the finance office. It was weird how he didn’t stop even when I entered the office and saw them. I know I should have reported this behavior, but I realized the Dragon had too much power and the head boss would do nothing. As long as money was rolling in, nothing would change. Another disgusting tragedy of the patriarchy.

I never found out which guys she slept with as I decided to stay out of this ugly situation. But it was getting in the way of people’s livlihoods because Dragon was giving house deals* to the Doll and no one else. He was also giving the Doll our customers and most of the sales staff was getting really pissed off. They could see what was going on and weren’t going to sit by and say nothing. Complaints were filed and eventually the Doll was fired.

But wait, why was the Doll fired and not the Dragon? He was the one who cheated the sales people out of their commissions, cheated on his wife, and abused his power in order to seduce a young girl. Why was he not punished? What is wrong with the car dealership?

Ah, the patriarchy with its focus on money and power protected this evil fuck. No one was there to protect the Doll. The car dealership is a microcosm of the world. Most of the reasons why it’s so fucked up can be found inside the walls of a car dealership. It’s a place where sociopaths and psychopaths make up the rules.

This is the reason you can’t stand being at a car dealership. You instinctively pick up on some horrible feeling of greed. Your gut instincts make you want to run far far away.

Car dealerships are run by the most vile men on the planet. I had the pleasure of witnessing their terrible behavior from the inside. My time at the dealership was one of the darkest revelations of human greed I’ve ever experienced. And, unfortunately for them, I recorded all the events in excruciating detail.

My best advice for all future car buyers: shop at a Tesla store because the sales staff doesn’t work on commission. The affordable Model 3 will be out in a few years.

*house deals are deals that are pre-arranged by the management. The customer has already decided to buy a car so all that is required is a salesperson to do the paperwork and collect the commission. House deals were never distributed equally at my dealership. They were given to those sales people who were favored by the sales managers.