Yours, in Search of Sanity
Cheryl L. Hulseapple

You have echoed my own disappointment. When you first broke the news that Yours had switched to Litecoin, I too, thought it was some kind of cruel April Fool’s Day joke, 2 months late. When comparing the visions of Charlie Lee and Evan Duffield, there’s not even any competition. Dash’s commitment to making digital currency accessible to mainstream, combined with the technical features that exist in Dash, make this choice of going with Litecoin even more regrettable. Add to that, the existence of paywalls, and you get a most unfavorable mix. I was interested in initially, as I considered it a viable blogging platform, but paywalls + Litecoin = unappealing. I think I’m sticking with Steemit since our community has worked out a lot of the issues that were once plaguing it. There are still a couple hurdles left, but thankfully, paywalls will never be one of them.