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RICH EVIL art series by Stellabelle

What you see here is a collection of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) depicting Epstein and company’s various shades of depravity.

If you’re new to cryptoart and NFTs, read this to understand what the digital NFT art revolution is all about.

I began having nightmares some months back as the Epstein story unfolded. I realized the only way I would be able to find any peace would be to create an art series about it and donate 10% of the profits to Virginia Giuffre’s organization Victims Refuse Silence.

RICH EVIL was born.

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RICH EVIL: Epstein Child Eater, animated GIF

RICH EVIL: Epstein Child Eater
Available on Makersplace
Editions: 1
Price: .25 ETH

The art you see is all available for purchase on three NFT art marketplaces: Makersplace, NFT Showroom and Rarible. It’s clear that the Covid pandemic has accelerated the adoption of NFTs. All my art is non-censorable due to it being on a blockchain. The elite predators cannot take this art down, nor can they censor it. I heard that some of the curated art sites hide some of the more graphic art, but sites like Rarible and NFT Showroom don’t censor art at all. NFT Showroom for example has a NSFW button that artists can select if their art is overly sexual. Personally, I don’t think this series is NSFW, but it does contain cartoon nudity. My main objective in this RICH EVIL art series is to expose the elite predators that have been hiding for so long. In this art series, many of the predators are exposed and naked, and all the victims are clothed.



Cryptoartist and writer https://linktr.ee/stellabelle

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