I stumbled on an Instagram post that totally changed my thought process this morning. This post not only motivated me but really boosted my confidence.

It was written by my friend and sister, the most productive business woman I know. She is the MD/CEO of HAIR GLAMOUR INTERNATIONAL. She has always been known for amazing quality, not only for the human hair that she sells (which I have been a great fan of since she started her business), but quality of lifestyle and friendships.

I was so shocked to see the post because I had never seen her without her weave or wigs. When I started to read I almost screamed YES YOU GO GIRL! Please read and enjoy this article that takes you on ANULI’s journey with ALOPECIA, which some of us may be too embarrassed to talk about. Pay attention to the methods that have worked to bring back her edges.


Say 10 years Ago, I would Never Have Had The Guts To Post Up This Picture. Well, Maturity Is An Amazing Experience. I’m Not My Hair, I’m Not Anything But Anuli, Beloved Of God😊. A Most Liberating Experience,To Come Into Your Own👌.

That Being Said, Loosing My Hair Line Traumatised Me.

I have always had beautiful, full, naturally black hair. All of a sudden, my front hair line started falling off, here came Alopecia.

Some ladies are unfortunate to be genetically prone to this and suffer it all their life, it’s tough to treat when you inherit this condition. But it is also self induced by us women. Lack of general well being, over stressed lifestyles, constantly tugging at our hair roots etc.

The main causes of Alopecia in women are High Stress Levels and constant pulling of our hair strands. I was guilty of both. We look at Beyoncé, her stylist makes wigs for her, her natural Hair & Hair line are intact, don’t be fooled.

To over come the complex, I started looking for solutions.

Step 1- I stopped chemical applications to my hair. No more relaxers.I didn’t cut my hair, I am still gently transitioning and i’m using a hair product line called Shea Moisture in addition to Aveeda, to do this.

Step 2- I taught myself how to hand make wigs. Wigs my scalp can breath under, not too heavy and I ensure my hair line is protected.

Step 3- I Avoid always braiding and when I do,I don’t touch my front hair line. I haven’t fixed a weave in 3 years and i’m never going to again.The weight of the weaves pull out our natural hair strands and as you age, you can’t recover those lost hairs as easily.

Step 4- Eat Better (Juicing regenerates cells) .Take the MultiVits Biotin and Fish oils. Try to sleep better, eliminate toxic friendships and people, surround myself with praise/worship/prayer/positive energy & find Joy within. A whole life style change and i’m still working on it.

It’s working because my hair line is growing back, slowly and steadily, my head of crowning glory is coming back in full glory. Be patient with the process.

The #wiglife is the future. It is liberating & diverse.You can have 5 different looks in a week, you’re never boring and you save your natural hair Line😊 #wcw #hairglamourinternationalrocks👑🌟🙌🏻💋


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