The price we pay for sticking our head in the sand

quarantine card
quarantine card
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Three months before Coronavirus paralyzed every country in the world, I went into self-isolation due to my chronic illness. Despite being in extreme pain every single day and alone in my apartment, not one of those days agonized me as much as the state of our world today. As more and more information came into light, I realized there is a common denominator in this global pandemic that may have led us to this stage.

Politicians Wanted to “Look Good”, So They Covered Up the Truth and Told People Lies

I’m neither a medical professional nor a lawmaker. In this current situation, I feel as powerless, useless and helpless as I have ever been. My heart breaks every single day for the suffering humanity is going through, but if we don’t reflect on what went wrong, we will never ever learn. …

How I got invited to speak at 10 conferences in my first year

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Image for post
Photo by Forja2 Mx on Unsplash

As far as I remember, I’ve never been a speaker.

At work, I rarely have to do presentations. I’m a graphic designer. My work speaks for itself (hint: this should be read in a sarcastic tone).

As a child, I’ve been on stage semi-regularly performing pipa, a Chinese instrument I had been playing since I was seven years old. Having that experience, stage fright is not really an issue for me, but I still don’t consider myself an “on-stage” person.

I never would have thought to go on an email spree reaching out to every conference in my industry pitching my speaking ambitions. And that’s exactly what happened in January, 2019. …

Please don’t congratulate me for getting married

As early as I could remember, I’ve hated my Chinese name. It was a completely masculine name. I felt my female identity was challenged.

Growing up, I constantly dealt with people’s surprised reaction toward my name. So much so I tried to apply for a name change with the local authority when I was 17 years old.

I was denied. The reason they gave me was that 17 is too old for a name change. …


Stella Guan

Award-winning designer, creative entrepreneur, speaker and educator. https://instagram.com/stella.guan https://www.stellaguan.com https://www.pathunbound.com

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