In the shoes of a Community Manager, Meet Marina Vives.


Marina Vives, 24 years old, french Community Manager in the company Solea Professionnel in Montpellier has accepted to talk a bit about her job and her interest reguarding social media.

1) Hi Marina ! Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed ! Tell us a little bit more about you, who you are, how old are you, what is your life parth ? How did you become a community manager ?

Hi, my name is Marina, I’m 24 years old. After my high school degree I have decided to study infografy and I had my first degree in visual communication after 3 years of school. I had the opportunity to make some internships in different lines of business and that’s how I knew what type of missions I liked. During my first year of study, I have done an internship in a cosmetic and capillary entrepreneurial brand business, as a communication officer. I loved to deal with different missions specially in community management. As my knowledge in this field was limited I decided to continue my studies and to specialize myself in integrating an advertising and communication school. I have discovered a true passion for this sector and today I am still working in this company.

2) Could you tell us more about the company you are working for ? What is its identity, its main goals ?

This company is a distributor of English and American capillary and cosmetic brands. Our main purpose is to make french targets aware about innovative beauty products, already famous in their original country and in others foreign countries. That’s not so easy considering the difference of cultures and mentalities of European and American people. Today, the company distribute 5 brands, some more famous than others. Our principal brand is Beautyblender, that sell a make-up sponge with the shape of an egg created to apply fondation or others mosturizers on your face. We also distribute Wet brush, an american hairbrushes brand famous for its spike in silk yarns that don’t pull the hair. Hair spring is a hair elastic brand with a « whirlpool » shape that doesn’t leave any mark in the hair and which hold very well every types of hair. Mini Mani Moo is a brand specialize in nail art products, and to finish, Konjac Sponge Company is a brand of exfoliating sponges to use on your face. You can also use it to remove your make up. We are a team of 4 people in this company, the General Director, the Marketing and Sales Director, the IT developer who deals also with the logistic of our storage, and me, Communication Officer and Community Manager. The company is based in the south of France, in Montpellier. This city count several influencers , we are trying to stay in contact with them in the goal to keep a good visibility for our brands.

3) What is your role in this company?

I have to manage the communication of each brand and also the company one. I am responsible for the image of each brand and I have to make it stay positive ! I need to be careful for that ! I also have to bring new customers and new brands, and distribute their products to companies that have a strong visibility such as Nocibé, Marionnaud, Monoprix, french beauty saloon or big supermarket chains with a really strong reputation. To make it work, I have to show, particularly with social media, how strong our reputation is (ex : The number of followers the company has on social media..). In summary, I am responsible of the brand’s images and reputations.

4) What are your missions ?

I am a Communication Officer and Community Manager. I have to deal with the social media of our brands but also the society one. I organize operations on social media such as lottery in collaboration with some influencers, promotional code at certain times of the year such as Black Friday. I also have to deal with the press monitoring and take care of the relationships that we have with the journalists from the women’s magazines. I also have to look for new partnerships with new brands or influencers to collaborate on communication operations. In this company you have to be polyvalent because the team is very small. That’s why I am in charge of sending packages to the influencers we are working with and to our e-shops clients. To finish, I also organize few events during the year with some bloggers, journalists or makeup artists.

5) What was the biggest event you had to organize ?

2 years ago, I organized a party with some beauty influencers and the company in a hot tub in Montpellier. I also sat up some activities, nail art, hairstyling, facial care, in order to make the bloggers aware of the brands that our company represents. Invitations, meals, activities, partnerships, call given to professionals who were supposed to moderate the activities, the event’s place, everything were organized minutely. We received around 30 beauty influencers and around 10 professionals (hairstylists, photographs and estheticians). The hottub has also took advantage of the event, it gained in visibility and has more clients.

6) What was your vision of a Community Manager before integrating this company ?

The rise of social network has lead to the creation of new jobs linked to digital and social media. I didn’t really know what it was to be a Community Manager at that time because that was a brand new job ! I was already sure than Digital is key to a business’s development and I had no doubt this job was important to a business. As I already was myself an addict of social media I had a good feeling about this job. I didn’t get wrong !!

7) According to you, what skills do you need to have to be a good Community Manager ?

  • Organization is very important because as you have to manage several accounts you need to know what you had already post before in order to not being redundant.
  • You have to get used to competitive intelligence because you have to be able to track the trends and be in harmony with them in order to attract your target.
  • Creativity, visual content are completely necessary to work with cosmetic products and Community Management. As a Community Manager, you always have to create some visuals. Community managers are also designers!
  • You have to be motivated and challenging. All your social media operations will not always have the expected success and that’s normal. In this case, you have to analyse your operations to know where you’ve got wrong not to do the same mistake one more time.

8) As a Community Manager, I know you have to deal with social media and others communication tools, which tools do you use the most and which one is your favorite?

I often use Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes we have to collaborate with women’s magazines which use their Snapchat to lead their operations. When I work on competitive intelligence, I use Instagram and Pinterest, both social media that I love to inspire myself and find new ideas.

My favorite one is Instagram, I think the visual content has much more impact than words and that’s crucial in the success of a post. Instagram is clearly the beauty influencers’ social media. In using it, I can see the talent of the Makeup artists with who I want to collaborate.

9) Which tools are targetting the biggest number of people ?

With no doubt, Instagram. In the cosmetic sector, the visual content attract more than the text itself. It’s much more easier to find beauty influencers or to attract new brands with our Instagram account. That’s why I pay attention to what pictures I post, what filters and hashtags I use...

10) According to you, is there a communication tool, or social media, a bit « Has been » you should not use today ? If yes, which one ?

“Has been” is a very strong word but, yes, there are some of them that I do not use, such as Twitter, which is not really in adequation with the cosmetic world. Beside, Twitter has to deal with more and more critics because users think that the social media is not enough monitored. Lots of Twitter users influencers and companies have been taken to trial several times. Another social media which seems to be running out is Facebook. I still use it because we have a Facebook community but in a long term I think we could use Instagram only. That’s the social network that brings the most notoriety to our business.

11) What’s your vision of social media? Do you think that’s a clever invention?

That’s more than a clever invention. Thank to its tools, companies move forward big changes, new jobs are created and business have to face new opportunities! As I said before, Digital is the future of a company and social media belong to it.

10) What do you think about influencers? With who would you like to work with?

We are constantly working with beauty , lifestyle bloggers or instagrammers, beauty youtubers, makeup artists, people who have numerous followers and with a strong community build around their image. We also collaborate with smaller influencers.

There’s no one in particular I would like to work with but I’d love to meet Audrey Marshmaloo and Thedollbeauty both big influencers, and work with them because I am crazy about their work.

11) Do Social Media have a future ? How do you think they will evolve ?

Yes, of course, they do. And I am sure others social network will be created and will last in the time. It’s been already shown with Facebook, Snapchat, very popular in the US and in Europe, and Instagram, with an original concept that push people to interact with each others. I can’t wait to discover these new tools to use them in my daily life !

12) Any last word ?

I am very happy for having participate to this interview ! I hope this will help you to know a little bit more about this awesome job ! Thank you !

Thank you, Marina, for your participation !

Article written by Stella Nzola, 24 th November 2017