Marketers Ruin Everything

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

There was a time when shiny, perfect, and glossy (yes I realize that is another adjective for shiny) marketing was the gold standard. Magazine ads, TV commercials, radio spots, full page newspaper editorials were all the norm. Then one day this crazy thing we now know as social media came along and busted through all that perfection. Regular people like you and me jumped at the chance to be REAL and share ideas (sometimes unfiltered). Small brands were able to use social media to reach clients like never before without having to have a big marketing firm telling them they had to do things the “right way” It was the wild west of digital marketing, and it was glorious.

One day marketers saw they too could use these tools so they started to try and adapt social media to the ways they knew. The glossy perfection was taking over once again. Now days, marketers, gurus and digital marketing trainers are out there teaching old school concepts (highly edited photos, perfectly polished copy, glossy pages, high quality video production) in relation to social media and slowly but surly the authentic crazy world early adapters so loved is disappearing because it is being deemed “amateur” or “wrong”

Well I am here to tell you, that may not be the case after all. With tools like Snapchat, stories and live video growing in popularity more and more people are grabbing at authenticity again. Why? because social media marketing is not meant to be perfect. These tools are different. So why are we always trying to make them the same? Already I have heard live video trainers tell people they need everything to be polished and clean when they go live. Perfect lighting, perfect sound, and perfect branding. But you know what I think…the tide is changing. I think the rule breakers are the ones who will win in the end…

I know you just read a lot (by 2017 online social media content standards) but if you are using social media as a marketing and branding tool I urge you to read the article I have linked below. It was what inspired my writing today and it will be worth your time. Then think about your social media strategy. It is good to be professional, and yes there is a place for glossy perfection, but you also need to make room in your strategy for realness.

An Early Warning Sign to Change your Social Media Strategy — by Ryan Holmes Via inc. magazine