Video Transcription and Subtitles Made Easy

Are you wanting transcription for your videos? Are you not wanting to spend very much money on transcription but you also don’t want to type it all up yourself? Then you are in luck! YouTube already has built in transcription tools that do the brunt of the work for you! In this article I am going to show you how to grab your transcription for free using YouTube as well as share with you an inexpensive tool you can use if you want to do it on your own but really fast and accurately.

YouTube Transcription

Step 1: Upload your video to YouTube

Step 2: Be sure that the CC option is turned on for this video. To do this go to the video manager and select edit for the video. Now go to the tab labeled “Subtitles & CC”

Step 3: go to the video page and next to the share button click on the …more button

Step 4: Select Transcript

Video Transcription

The transcription will show up below the video at this point. You will need to copy and paste it to a document and edit out the time stamps and make sure everything is accurate. I would recommend getting a VA if you don’t have the time yourself, but honestly it should not take very long at all.

An Additional Transcription Tool

As an additional option you can use a tool like which makes it faster and easier for you to transcribe your own videos and sound clips. This tool is not free but you can get a week free to try it out. It is however very affordable at about $20 for the year but you do need to invest a bit more time to get the work done. You can use on their site, offline or even via YouTube so it is very convenient to say the least. This is also a more accurate way of transcribing content (as opposed to the YouTube transcription way of doing things previously discussed).

Subtitles On Your Video

If you are looking for a solution to create subtitles for your videos you have a couple of options. First keep in mind that YouTube already has this feature built in for the videos hosted on YouTube. If you are hosting on Vimeo you have the option to use a tool called Amara to create your own subtitles OR you can purchase subtitles for your videos.


The price is very affordable especially if you have shorter videos. Below is a screenshot of quote I got for a 5 minute video I did a while back.


But why would you want subtitles? Closed captioning and subtitles is not just useful for the hearing impaired. It is a fantastic video marketing tool especially when you are using them on videos hosted on Facebook. Think of how many times you have been surfing the Facebook feed and came upon a video but you didn’t want to un-mute it because you were in bed, had a sleeping child on you, or in a public place without headphones. When you include subtitles in your videos people can essentially watch your videos without the sound.

Facebook now offers subtitles for ad videos

Not sure about the last time you were doing video ads in Facebook but if it has been fairly recent you may have noticed a new feature. Facebook is now offering free subtitles for videos that you use in your ads. Just keep in mind these free captions are only available for videos under 3 minutes. When you do use the caption tool I would suggest you manually check your subtitles before going live. I have seen some pretty funky wording when Facebook does the checking.


Subtitles can help get more views on your videos, increase your viewer retention, help your videos rank higher online and also grab more attention on your social media platforms, especially on Facebook. Transcription on the other hand is a great way to use text in your blogs along with embedding your videos to help your blog rank better in the search since search engines can crawl your text. If you really want to step up your video repurposing game I would suggest instead of transcription you look into my Custom Voice Blogging service. Unlike with transcription, Custom Voice takes your videos and we create custom blog content that is unique to you but reads like a blog not like a transcription. It shows off your style and voice unlike regular ghost writing services. Learn more about Custom Voice Blogging HERE.

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