What I want my daughter to know about being a woman.

Be the woman you were destined to be…

I have come across so many amazing, talented, kind, caring, compassionate women in the world both on and offline. They lift you up instead of looking for ways to tear you down. They do not allow jealousy to over take them but instead decide to always take a higher road to help others. These women tend to be strong, capable and have some kind of success (either personal or professional or both) in their lives. To me these are women!

I have met a lot of females who claim to be women both on and offline. They claim to be strong but they draw strength from pushing other woman down. They claim to be kind but only to those who are easily loved. I have met women who will jump at the chance to hurt you simply because it makes themselves feel better. They jump to judgment. They make assumptions all in the name of “Womanhood”

Being catty does not make you a woman. Being a bitch does not make you a woman. Being judgmental does not make you a woman.

Ladies let’s go out there today and kill them with kindness. Fill this world with grace and compassion. Lift each other up instead of pull each other down. This is not a feminist rant (Men should also be out there trying to help rather than hurt). This is a plea for more woman to step up and make the online world and offline world a better place. There are already far too many things making life hard. I promise you it is WAY easier and more rewarding when we look to help others. Man or Woman.

Go out there and be the woman you were destined to be.

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