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Apr 19 · 3 min read

By Martin Pedersen, CEO, Stellar Agency

We are fortunate to live and work in Los Angeles, one of the greatest and wealthiest cities in the world. We are also among the most philanthropic cities in the U.S., with L.A. residents making charitable donations of more than $6 billion annually. There are more than 70,000 nonprofits in Los Angeles and hundreds of visionaries across all industries — elevated leaders of wealth and powerful impact — on the forefront of philanthropic endeavors, lending insight and significant donations to causes and organizations closest to their hearts in order to help our communities and humanity. These visionaries have formed foundations that serve the following areas: arts & culture, cancer research, children & youth, civil rights, disaster aid, climate change, domestic violence, economic development, education, health, homeless and housing, human services, human trafficking, immigration, job training, literacy, mental health, science, seniors, veterans, and many others.

At Stellar Agency, we are proud to do our part as a company and individually in giving back to our communities. Our agency has supported local nonprofits by providing them with our digital marketing services. This includes designing and updating the brand for nonprofit LA Works, a volunteer action center that creates and implements hands-on community service projects throughout the greater Los Angeles area. In addition to providing our branding expertise, we also created a comprehensive volunteer web portal enabling volunteers and LA Works staffers to plan, coordinate and execute events across the LA metro area; and a mobile app that delivers “rewards on the go” to volunteers at events and helps LA Works maintain an ongoing connection with its volunteer base. I am also proud to be a long-time board member of LA Works. In addition, Stellar Agency provided Gladeo, a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring and helping young people discover, navigate and achieve their dream career, with web design services.

As a result of the work we have done with these and other nonprofits, along with the individual volunteer work we do, we decided to elevate our efforts by creating a new division — Stellar Cares — dedicated to supporting local nonprofits by providing them with our digital experience and expertise to help them accomplish the following:

· Effectively share their narrative and spread their message

· Reach their target audience

· Expand their footprint and raise their profile/exposure in the community

· Cultivate and drive additional funding, more volunteers and donor opportunities

· Enhance their ability to make a difference

· Meet their organizational goals

How Does Stellar Cares Work?

We have found that many nonprofits are simply not effectively capitalizing on the results that a smart digital strategy can offer. For many organizations that run on tight budgets and time constraints, the cost and human resources needed for having up-to-date technology and working with a digital expert are prohibitive. We are filling this gap by partnering with L.A. leaders and their foundations to provide our expertise and talent to the nonprofit of their choice at a reduced rate. We truly believe — and have seen first hand — how the effective use of technology can produce innovation, improvements in efficacy, and better delivery on a nonprofit’s mission and fundraising potential.

Depending on a nonprofit’s goals and needs, our objective is to elevate what they are doing by developing a complete digital strategy for ongoing audience engagement and meaningful connections that drive results. This can include creative branding solutions, a UX-based responsive digital platform, personalized digital nurturing campaigns, content creation with relevant blogs and a strong social media presence, and real-time insights through data analytics.

Stellar Cares is committed to helping enrich the good works of nonprofits in our communities by connecting cause and effect with our digital expertise. We do so by helping philanthropists and their foundations maximize their funding by using technology in sophisticated ways to improve a nonprofit’s operational efficiency and increase its mission.

For more information about Stellar Cares and how we can help you and your foundation, please contact me at 310–567–9500, or Annie George at 310.721.7766.

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