Adding a readme to your Github profile

My Github Profile
My Github Profile

Since July 11th 2020, Github has a new feature that allows users to customise their profile significantly more than before by enabling them to write a readme for their whole profile.

Creating a profile repo takes less than minutes and the readme comes with a few ideas to get you started:

  • 🌱 I’m currently learning …
  • 👯 I’m looking to collaborate on …
  • 💬 Ask me about …
  • 📫 How to reach me …

High level overview

  1. Initialise a new repository with your github username
  2. Include a README
  3. Make sure repo is public
  4. Polish…

Concepts from computing applied to modern business operations

Banner image: white particles on black suggesting a tunnel,

In computing there are certain concepts that, in my opinion, increasingly so, have relevance and applicability to how we operate our businesses in terms of architecture, but even more so in operational processes.

I believe that trend of increasing applicability of computing principles to business is due to the growing share of intangible value creation of total value (tangible + intangible). Our world has changed, is doing so still and will probably not stop any time soon. …

An excursion into the emic object of self.

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And in the end, there shall be light.


It is so dark you feel unable to tell tales of features of the surroundings. The floor feels amorphous and the walls could be sole schemes. There is a drive somewhere deep in you nudging your foot forward further into the ambiguity of nothingness and your instincts restrain from objection.

Knowing nothing you commence to pass through the void; It feels cold though even with the dark surprisingly not wreathing, maybe even known like a gloomy winter day. As you progress, like the cycle of night and day, you start to be able to tell that you are in a narrow, mineshaft-like tunnel, through which only few rays of light lambently seek to sliver their path through to your eye, amidst the ever present dust that fills the air uncomfortably. …

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[Zsh]( (The *Z-Shell*): A Shell; from 2019 onwards
the standard shell built into macOs. ( should have it)
[Oh-my-zsh]( Zsh plugin manager; A
delightful community-driven (with 1500+ contributors) framework for managing your zsh configuration.


On macos, you should already have zsh installed and maybe already running it, since Apple made it standard since 2019.

Check if you have zsh on your system: Have a look at the output of zsh — version to know.

Check if you’re currently running zsh or for example bash: Look at the output of which $SHELL .

If you know you don’t have zsh: You can run brew install zsh or apt install zsh (linux)to install it. …

Homebrew: Installs all the stuff you’d need on your mac.

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how to install homebrew

Installing Homebrew: /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https//"

Right from the get go though, you want to add these two lines to your .zshrc or .bashrc , because they disable the usually enabled google analytics tracking user’s behaviour, which homebrew uses for better traffic management or whatever.



Nowadays, most users get their apps / programs from Apple’s Mac App Store,
while for example most gamers get theirs from origin, steam or blizzard.
Not many mainstream users get to download software differently.
Fewer users download .Dmg, .pkg or .app


The Stellar Explorer

[ x < Spaceapes ]

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