Enabling Ethereum War Mode

The name of this game is Centralization

Yalda Mousavinia
Feb 9 · 4 min read

Ameen recently tweeted a poll with the prompt “Ethereum should transition into war mode” and 64% of people who voted agreed.

So what does war mode mean? Who is the enemy here?

Let’s assume the enemy is running out of money before we all (collectively) deliver (on changing the world, for the better, or something like that).

Now what?

Perhaps the best way to fight this war is to actually treat it like a game… let’s LARP Centralization ‘cause why not. Just because we are trying to build a kind of decentralized network here doesn’t mean a loose affiliation of orgs funded via ICOs and dev grants are gonna save the day without leadership.

And I’m not sure a DAO to fund scaling tech is the answer either… that’s just one strategy — while necessary, it’s unclear if that’s what will save the world.

(Disclaimer: this article is not about how Ethereum blockchain development should be coordinated. It’s about a hypothetical business unit within the network whose aim is to bring in revenue to sustain the troops.)

1. Ok now that you agree we need a commander, let’s elect this person using the technology we have built!

Attack vectors, plutocracy, bribing, dictatorships: who fucking cares.

The CEO will be crowned via an ETH coin holder vote. This vote will happen on a cycle.

Let’s do away with our paranoia (and autonomy) for a minute, vote, play this game and just see what happens!

Who is our dear master? We are waiting for your command and are at your service.

The more you can win this election with treachery, the better. It shows you have what it takes to win this war.

Okay I’m kind of kidding about actually being treacherous, but I think our leader should know how to hack the system (or influence ETH holders) so we can learn how to adapt it and make it more robust.

They can always be ousted by vote if they do end up being truly treacherous and are weak-sauce at revenue generation.

The CEO can get reelected consecutively as many times as possible, but after being ousted once they may never reclaim the throne (at least not using their known identity).

2. This unit does not care about revenue models revolving around “enterprise blockchain”

The enemy is the state. The enemy is the status quo.

By generating revenue via ENTERPRISE BLOCKCHAIN you’re like walking headfirst into a fire pit.

That’s not how one wins this war!

The only enterprise we plan to support is one that starts with “USS”

There needs to be a plan to generate revenue that does not revolve around supplying big corporate or big government with our weapons.

The goal of the game: build a sustainable war chest of recurring fiat revenue without sharing our shiny blockchain weapons with the enemy

This isn’t just about simply increasing the value of our tokens and coins and selling them to generate that fiat.

We need real fiat onramps with our products that have credit card processing. Blockchain optional is the strategy here.

Let’s wake up and realize the majority of the world is a bit numb, and doesn’t care that much about the benefits of blockchain technology and decentralization.

We have probably done a horribly shitty job convincing people why it’s important.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to take their money so we have more time to fine tune the message, improve our user experience, more time to scale, and ultimately more time to help awake the masses from the hell in which we have subscribed ourselves to.

3. We care not about open source or transparency.

Everyone that chooses to fighting in this particular war will have to sign an NDA and noncompete.

We are the opposite of open source and transparent. Because war tactics are best implemented in secrecy.

Chatham House Rules: Thank You, Next

(But you know later, in the future, when the time is right, the world will be gifted with our beautiful open sourced technology, after we have won!)

I can go on… but this is one potential war tactic or my interpretation of war mode... it may be silly but, yolo.

Yalda Mousavinia

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Project lead @autarklabs. Co-founder @SpaceDecentral @spacecoopinc. Passionate about DAOs with humans at the forefront & opening up space for collaboration.