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Ready to join Dune and earn some spice?

Autark was initially funded via an Aragon Nest grant in April 2018 to develop That Planning Suite: an application suite for Aragon that provides payout, budgeting, and collaboration tools to enable efficient pathways toward allocating governance-enabling tokens to open source project contributors.

In January 2019, we got approved as a Flock team in Aragon Network Vote #1, and one of our primary focuses has been getting The Planning Suite (TPS) into a stage to launch onto Rinkeby — and at last that day has come!

I haven’t slept for 24 hours, so installation instructions will come in the next 1–2 days after we clean up our docs, repos, and other things… But while you patiently wait you can try to interact with the Dune DAO, which has our five apps, or read up below on the general functionality and other notes. …

Period: February 18 — March 22, 2019

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Autark has a vision of equipping the Aragon ecosystem with tools that enable DAOs to collaborate more seamlessly — by building discussion tools that are integrated with voting, rich user profiles, and expanding governance models to support patronage dividends. We were recently awarded a grant of $390,000 via an Aragon Network Vote, and this article is our first monthly update and transparency report.

We are Hiring

We wanted to work together as a full-time team for a month to determine the role that would add the most value to our team, and that ended up being a Frontend Developer. …

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We oughta treat our DAO technology like it’s space technology

Response to Trent McConaghy’s tweet:

In terms of aerospace engineering’s “Technological Readiness Level” (TRL), I do not think we have fully “flight proven” DAO technology (whether it’s the code or governance mechanisms).

I would say we are at TRL-7 right now (see image above).

That’s why I think this is the year of breaking the DAOs — and hopefully we end up with really robust technology (and decision making frameworks) by 2020.

No organization has put $1m into a DAO’s smart contract this year (yet) and left it there for a few months. Or even weeks. …

Ask and ye shall receive

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TL;DR: The Gnosis Safe mobile app is not quite ready for prime time. At this stage it is probably fine for users that are familiar with Ethereum, but there is much room for improvement to make everything smooth and in tune with common wallet design paradigms.

This is a UX analysis of the Gnosis Safe mobile app for iOS. I have not tried it in coordination with the browser extension yet. …

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Ethereum is not a cryptocurrency alone: it also harbors smart contracts and applications. This means that protocol level changes on Ethereum can have a cascading impact on all of the systems built on top of it — past, present, and future.

I do not think the tools exist to actually trace to 100% certainty how a protocol change can introduce vulnerabilities to smart contract development norms or to smart contracts deployed before the change.

Since we do not have this magical oracle, I think what is important going forward is having more structure around the decisions and analysis required to merge a technical EIP into a network upgrade. …

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Many people in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and beyond do not fully understand what is being developed in the Aragon community. The recent AraCon gathering did a great job at starting to change that perception, but there’s a long way to go.

I was drawn into the Aragon ecosystem due to the ideals and mission of the organization, combined with the offering of a technology stack that enables application development that can be tightly coupled with customizable governance systems.

The Permissions framework is what sets Aragon apart, and is what makes it a governance-first type of system. It will not be a place where most users of an organization interact with (at least not to begin with, as it’s highly complex), but essentially this is how the bylaws of an organization will be maintained. …

The name of this game is Centralization

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Ameen recently tweeted a poll with the prompt “Ethereum should transition into war mode” and 64% of people who voted agreed.

So what does war mode mean? Who is the enemy here?

Let’s assume the enemy is running out of money before we all (collectively) deliver (on changing the world, for the better, or something like that).

Now what?

War mode means having a commander. War mode means centralization.

Perhaps the best way to fight this war is to actually treat it like a game… let’s LARP Centralization ‘cause why not. Just because we are trying to build a kind of decentralized network here doesn’t mean a loose affiliation of orgs funded via ICOs and dev grants are gonna save the day without leadership.

And I’m not sure a DAO to fund scaling tech is the answer either… that’s just one strategy — while necessary, it’s unclear if that’s what will save the world. …

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Autark has a vision of equipping the Aragon ecosystem with tools that enable DAOs to collaborate more seamlessly — by building discussion tools that are integrated with voting, rich user profiles, and expanding governance models to provide support for reputation-based organizations.

We have applied for $390,000 in DAI from the Aragon Network and are looking for your vote of support in AGP-19. What’s described in this article is a summary of our team’s initial initiatives and plans for the six months of funding we are requesting from the Aragon Network.

Below is a summary of our proposal (AGP-19) for funding from the Aragon Network. It has been modified for brevity and enhanced for clarity. Please review the official proposal before voting to ensure what you read has been accurately presented. Also if you have any feedback, we would love to hear it in the forum! …

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The Autark team all shares a passion of building toward a future where progress can be accelerated by making it easier and more fair to coordinate on shared outcomes. We find it important to decentralize power structures as we know them today by developing tools that enable worker-autonomy. We envision an advanced world where global citizens are collaborating on the open source development of mega-projects, powered by Aragon.


Yalda Mousavinia

Project lead @autarklabs. Co-founder @SpaceDecentral @spacecoopinc. Passionate about DAOs with humans at the forefront & opening up space for collaboration.

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