I was attempting to Write an Atomic Essay ✍️📄…

Me Mum’s was in the other room, watching a UTube video from a French Naturopath (en Français).

This broke my brain … Listening to a French smarty pants Doc (great Info & Techniques [but in French] ;-)

As I’m writing en Anglais, trying to tap my English funny bone.

Kinda like a frying pan 🍳 upside the head 🤕; Couldn’t do it❗

If you’re a ‘Creative’ Creating Creatively

TV 📺, Radio 📻, Podcasts🎙️, Notifications ⏰

Turn it off! Now!! Right Now!!!

Don’t let outside ‘noise’ disrupt your creativity (🐿️)

They’re great for ‘Consumers’, but lousy for ‘Creatives’ (while you’re working, that is…)… P.S. Turn that $#i✝️ Off

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Take a Double breath in, hold 4.5 Secs, Breathe out slowly 😮‍💨

Preferably through the nose, or exhaling through the mouth with pursed lips (slow your exhale like you’re a whistler 🌬️😮‍💨)

By taking a Double Inhale, you Wake the Mind.

By breathing out slowly, you tell your subconscious mind that “Everything Is Cool” 😎

Recommendation: don’t breathe with your mouth anymore, unless absolutely necessary! 🧑‍🏫🤫🤙 (bad breath + germs)

Your subconscious listens to the sound of the air flowing through your nostrils & sinus cavity (to sense what’s going on, are we calm or agitated?)

Also, your sinus cavity is an amazing air filter! 💪👃 ✅

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🌎👣 Grounding / Earthing

(being connected to the Earth)

👨‍🌾🍅🥗 Gardening

(grow somethin’ you can Eat), Yum 😋

🫁😮‍💨🌬️ Breathing Techniques

(get you into the proper “State”)

🎨🎥 💃🕺 Creative Outlets

(grow with Purpose & Passion)

🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️ Meditation

(connect with your inner self)

💆👐 Massage

(feels so Good, even though it can Hurt like #@LL 👼

My 6 greatest anxiety & stress reducers… Tada… 👌👍👏



Hey ✏️🏴‍☠️’s (want a bonus homework assignment?)

Let’s uncover some Pirate Booty…

Visual Illustration of “What Fuels What?”:

Truck = Gas ⛽

Tree = Water 💦

Monkey = 🍌

Robbin = Worm 🪱

Elon = Rocket Fuel🚀?, or Batteries🔋? (not included)

Other = ? (you choose Object & Fuel)

Human = Real Food 🥗? or Junk Food 🍟?

Your time ends in 97 secs, 96, 95, 94, 93, …

Times up, what did you visually illustrate? 🙊 +? 🧑 +?

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⏸️ Are you listening comfortably, then let’s begin:

Do you have scraps of paper here ‘n there, covered in wonder scribbles & mind blowing 🙇 ideas?

Is it hard to shut off the tap, when you’re ideas 💪 won’t 🛑?

When an ahamazing Idea strikes, close your eyes for 20 secs.

Your subconscious mind will take over, preparing the information for long-term storage (once you fall asleep) 😴 🛌

Associate the idea to your “Sun List” (or a familiar location).

Re-open eyes, and Write that Shit Down!

We all need to take a pause once in a while ⏸️😶😊🤫

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Smells, Songs, Tastes, Textures, Colours & Feelings are…
what make your Memories … Memorable!

Don’t believe me 🦭? Ok, ok, um… 🐳

Let’s examine a recent memory, where you “Belly Laughed”, snort’laughed, spit somethin’ out, couldn’t control your giggles

What was memorable? … Emotions (an emotional response) + who was there, what they were wearing, what they did / said, what you did / said…

What was the thing that made you laugh? It is now associated with the entire experience!

What song was playing, the story they told, the smell wafting out of the kitchen, what each person was drinking. (the small details, make things Memorable 😝📯)

You can even remember “Who wasn’t there”! Crazy, right?

Involve more of your 5 senses! Makes things memorable!!!

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Keith (Memory Coach)

Keith (Memory Coach)

Stellar Memory Coaching | Helping humans improve their short/long term memory using Really Simple Memory Improvement techniques & fun brain exercises 💪🧠