StellarTerm overview: Start trading on SDEX in seconds

Open source trading client with local key storage, advanced trading tools, multisig and hardware wallets support
Nov 28 · 4 min read

If you’ve been following Stellar ecosystem for a while, you may be already familiar with StellarTerm — gateway to Stellar Decentralized Exchange. Today, we are here to give a little overview for those who are yet to try StellarTerm out.

StellarTerm is an advanced and agile open-source trading client built on top of the Stellar Network.

Open source and local key storage

StellarTerm is an open-source software hosted on Github and published under Apache License 2.0. Anyone can view the latest code and make suggestions — transparency is very important for us.

The secret key of your Stellar account is stored in an encrypted form on the device (inside a browser) and never leaves it. In both the web and desktop versions, your secret keys are never sent to any server.

The StellarTerm software signs transactions locally and helps you publish them on the Stellar Network.

Your secret key is deleted from the secure storage once you log out from the account, refresh or exit the page. This allows you to be sure that your funds are safe and can’t be accessed by someone other than you.

— Instant access using the secret key

Log in using your secret key or use Ledger device

Sometimes you just need to make a single transaction and don’t want to go through the complex sign up process to manage your wallet.

That's where StellarTerm comes in handy as it features a fast and simple sign in process. Just paste your secret key into the field and you are in, no email or password required. Establish a trustline, place an order and send funds — everything is just a few clicks away.

StellarTerm also features the full support of Ledger hardware wallet allowing you to log in and sign transactions using your Nano S device.

— Advanced trading features

With direct access to the Stellar Decentralized Exchange, users can trade hundreds of market pairs using one modern and simple interface, that features:

  • Trading in real-time with direct access to SDEX: live stats, prices and order book. Seamlessly switch markets, manage and edit live offers.
  • Support of asset-to-asset trades. With StellarTerm, you can trade any asset pair you want or view popular trading pairs with most volume.
  • Advanced TradingView charts for beginners and pros. Several charts (line chart, bar chart, and candlestick) all come with multiple stats, indicators and various axis types.
  • Real-time trade and payment notifications for your trades. Get notified when your offer goes through or when you receive a new payment.
  • Browse your transaction history and current orders.

— Ledger hardware wallet support

Accepting SLT asset using Ledger hardware wallet

Hardware crypto wallet is a secure hardware device that stores private keys and provides full isolation between the private keys and the device accessing the network.

StellarTerm fully supports Ledger hardware wallets for those opting for additional security of crypto assets.

You can use your Ledger device to log in, manage your Stellar account, trade on DEX, send payments and make other transactions on the network.

— Support of multisig accounts

Outgoing transactions instantly appear in the LOBSTR Vault signer app

Multisignature (or “multisig”) concept presumes that account requires two or more secret key signatures before allowing a transaction to occur on the network.

Users who are not willing to pay extra for a hardware wallet, but are looking for additional security may find this as a good free alternative.

StellarTerm fully supports multisignature layer of the Stellar protocol, through the integration with a LOBSTR Vault transaction signer app or it also works with other multisig solutions, providing an XDR for external signing.

For the best combination of security and flexibility, we advise setting up a 2 out of 3 multisig to protect yourself against the loss of your Vault device.

— Desktop apps

StellarTerm offers a desktop app for every popular platform for users who prefer a desktop experience. Windows, macOS and Linux apps can be downloaded from our Github page.

The same as for the web version, your desktop app never sends your secret keys to the server and signs transactions locally. For extra security, you can use Github to build from the source.

— Coming soon

It is very easy to start trading on SDEX with StellarTerm.
We are looking forward to sharing what we’ve been working in the upcoming posts.

We are aiming to offer the best trading experience for our users. Stay tuned.

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StellarTerm is an open source client for the Stellar network.

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