What’s new on StellarTerm?

Over the last few months, the StellarTerm team has been working hard on refining and expanding the key features of the StellarTerm client.

Let’s take a look at the most important improvements made at stellarterm.com recently.

Onboarding redesign

New onboarding flow highlights the key StellarTerm features and focuses user’s attention on the key points of account security

The new Features section is displayed when opening the New Account page. Here users can get a short overview of the main StellarTerm features without disrupting the account generation process.

The updated account creation flow now clearly communicates the vital key security facts, provides important account generation notes and asks the user to verify the access to the secret key to avoid the inadvertent loss of funds later on.

The security section added on the Login page presents a new prominent display style for the Secret Phrase feature. This update should help users avoid phishing attacks and more easily notice that the phrase is not set on a fraudulent website.

Renewed Send flow

Updated Send functionality on StellarTerm

Apart from improving the overall usability and updating to the new visual style, the new Send form introduces various quality-of-life improvements such as reverse federation requests, the ability to view the reserved balance breakdown right from the form, the ability to click on the asset balance to fill the amount, updated payment summary form, and much more.

SEP-0029 implementation allows checking if the account requires a memo to receive funds. This prevents missing memos that may result in lost funds and require manual actions from wallets to credit the deposits correctly.

Support of asset Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposit and withdraw fiat and crypto assets in just a few clicks

StellarTerm now features the full support of SEP-0024 protocol. The functionality improves user experience by simplifying the interaction between wallets and assets’ issuers and allows users to smoothly make deposits and withdrawals of assets directly in their wallets.

With this feature, users can easily send, for instance, US Dollars to Mexico or Brazil and further withdraw Peso and Real respectively through the bank, or deposit Euros and transmit them in US Dollars using a single wallet.

Deposit and withdraw crypto and fiat assets with StellarTerm

The Deposit/Withdraw option is enabled on the Balances page for a number of tokens and can be applied after accepting a preferred asset on your account.

Among the supported assets available for deposit/withdrawal on StellarTerm are fiat (BRL, EURT, SMX, CAD, ARS, etc.) and crypto (BTC, ETH, BAT, KIN, LINK, etc.) tokens.

The assets list is being constantly updated. We’re working with different anchors like Apay, Fchain, StellarPort, NaoBTC, Uzumaki, Biccos, Settle Network, Saldo, Cowrie, nTokens, and others and aiming to add more new assets with the possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds.

Trading improvements

We are always looking for ways to innovate and improve the trading experience for our users and the recent releases were no exception.

Top volume markets

View market pairs with any base asset

The new Top volume markets tab has been introduced on the Markets page and provides a strong addition to the Known assets section.

Here you can select a preferred base asset (e.g. BTC, ETH, USD, etc) from the drop-down list to see all market pairs with the chosen asset, prices, volume, and changes over the past 24 hours.

Trading history

Trades history allows viewing the details of recent market trades

Users can now monitor the recent trading history for any market pair in the Trades history section on the Exchange page.

Just choose the pair you are interested in and see when the recent trade happened, who bought and who sold an asset, its price, and amount.

Dynamic price adjustment

Default buy price matches the best sell offer and is updated dynamically

The Create new offer interface now dynamically sets the best available buy and sell prices for the active market pair to reflect the current order book.

The default buy price is now always set to the best sell offer so that the buy order matches immediately when its placed. When the best offer on the order book changes, the default price changes as well.

If you decide to trade on your own terms, the dynamic updates stop as soon as you adjust the offer details manually — the entered numbers will remain unchanged.

Updated Desktop builds

Desktop app for every popular platform for users who prefer a desktop experience

With StellarTerm, you can manage your Stellar account using popular desktop platforms. Windows, macOS and Linux apps are available for download from our Github page.

Some of the newly introduced updates include new charts, editable open offers, multiple design and UX improvements, directory updates, and a number of other useful enhancements.

Trezor and Ledger Nano X hardware wallet support

Use StellarTerm to access your Stellar account on Trezor device

With the latest release, StellarTerm offers the support of the Trezor hardware wallet.

We also have some good news for Ledger Nano X owners. You can now use StellarTerm to access your Stellar account on a Nano X device via a wired connection.

Both Trezor and Ledger wallets now have dedicated Login pages with instructions on how to set up the wallet.

StellarTerm Help Center

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions

We are happy to introduce our Knowledge base with 22 new articles.

Having trouble with StellarTerm? Visit our Help Center for guidance through various StellarTerm features and getting help in finding tips and solutions to any question or concern.

Should you need any further assistance, you’re welcome to reach our support team that will be glad to assist you in resolving your issue.

Follow StellarTerm on Twitter for more updates.




StellarTerm is an open source client for the Stellar network. https://stellarterm.com/

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StellarTerm is an open source client for the Stellar network. https://stellarterm.com/

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