Build in Canada Innovation Program selects OVA

With the many hurdles encountered in our path, good news comes along as well, just the kind confirming that OVA is heading in the right direction and making the right decisions. One of them is the news that OVA has been awarded the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP). Already having a few things going in our favor, as BCIP bidders must be Canadian and conduct business activities in Canada on a permanent basis, serious ground work has been done in identifying some less-than-obvious opportunities and market gaps needing solutions. With OVA’s platform StellarX — the WordPress of VR — the envelope for VR/AR democratisation is being pushed and BCIP recognition of OVA’s development level standards continues to drive confidence in how StellarX can intervene and “disrupt” existing technologies, and for the better.

Just as Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of EPIC, said:

“… it’s a somewhat unnatural experience to sit down … and build 3D objects with a mouse and keyboard … in VR, [you reach out and do things] with your hands [in] the exact same way [as] in the real world. As Minecraft enabled 50 million people to become 3D content creators … [now with the potential for] hundreds of millions of [augmented reality] computer content creators … VR makes [creating content] completely accessible to people.”

StellarX can be integrated into other larger technology frameworks and then enhance the user experience. How so? Imagine an amusement park with a waterslide. While the waterslide is impressive, it currently doesn’t go anywhere except to the grass outside. Now, think of StellarX as just the right kind of swimming pool for such a slide that also fits right into the amusement park’s terrain. Connecting OVA’s swimming pool (StellarX) to the waterslide not only takes the user’s experience to a new level, but helps better integrate them both into the amusement park (larger technology VR ecosystem).

Adding StellarX to a Defense workflow, for example, would ultimately benefit all those participating, from the company creating the main ecosystem to the users themselves. This is the kind of novelty that StellarX brings to the table, something brand new to the VR/AR market and is the kind of thing that the BCIP initiative looks for.