Going Global

OVA’s in ViveX

ViveX Entrance Beijing

Selected by the prestigious ViveX accelerator, OVA is happy to announce its continuing growth and success on many levels. As one of the world’s most exclusive business accelerators, being a part of ViveX is a major stepping stone for OVA and its platform, StellarX. With an acceptance rate lower than 3%, one that is even lower than Stanford’s (at 4.8%), this acknowledgement of OVA’s business ability is a confirmation of the quality and precision of the R&D being done at OVA, for markets both nearby and abroad.

ViveX Labs

OVA has focused on building up the company’s network between San Francisco, Montréal and China. As one of the 33 companies in HTC-Vive’s ViveX, OVA also now has an office presence in Beijing. Through our established partnerships, such as with AlienWare (a Dell company), we are continuing to build strong relations with large corporations that help provide us with the ability to advance our aim of providing VR/AR solutions, specifically bringing StellarX to the masses for easy 3D environment creation. An early access version will be released this September on the SteamVR Store.

Now that we are beyond the getting-out-feet-wet stage, our intentions are to recruit (http://ova.ai/en/career) on site (Montréal, Quebec City, San Francisco and now China) and with the support of key players in the sphere of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, access to further investment as well as getting acquainted with the Chinese market — one characterized by high ownership of this new technology — OVA’s positioning on a worldwide scale is taking shape and finding its place.

Proud of our achievements, OVA is now considered a global enterprise.

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