The Era of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Future of Healthcare Innovation

Usage of medical records dates back to the 1600 B.C., is fast gaining pace for the progress of healthcare worldwide. Governments in many countries have conceived the importance of digitalization of healthcare and bring in new initiatives like “ meaningful standards”. Those not adhering to these standards were penalized to ensure a new era in healthcare with electronic medical records, electronic health records with the EMR software.

The transformation from paper to digital of medical records:

The evolution of medical records from paper to digital has gained momentum in the last decade. The healthcare organizations worldwide were conscientious for generating volumes of health data by EMR and IT services espousal, leading to cloud computing. A recent survey has found that more than 84 % of responding healthcare organizations has digitally stored medical and financial data in a cloud environment of their patients in America.

Future of healthcare innovation:

The future of healthcare innovation depends on three objectives. Upgrading patient care experience, enriching the health of populations, and abbreviating the cost of health care.

Enhancing the patient care experience:

EMRs play a vital role in the patient care experience in the following ways.

  • EMRs outwit the preceding paper records.
  • They eliminate the ill eligible hand writings and their confusions
  • Better storage facilities than paperwork
  • They are facilely accessible to many doctors for their expert opinions and suggestions for the best way of taking patient care to the next level
  • EMRs are one of the best ways to protect patient safety with access to only the patient and doctors.
  • They also help the patient to manage chronic illnesses with proper medication and family support.
  • They improve the competency of the doctor’s practice with first-rate medical prescriptions.

Intensify the health improvement of populations:

To enhance the health improvement of populations, EHRs, CDS are of immense support. They recuperate the clinical outcomes, evaluation methods, implementations, various identifications, multitudinous new applications, and unpremeditated consequences.

  • EHR:

Many renowned and published studies worldwide have outlined the utilization of EMRs and EHRs for the improvement of the health of populations. EHRs or the Electronic health records are the patients’ comprehensive medical records.

  • CDS:

Clinical decision support provides adequate knowledge for all in the medical field to give appropriate patient care. They are significantly impacting the medical improvements in safety efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare around the world to improve the health of populations.

Decreasing healthcare costs:

In this era of digital medical records, there is a significant reduction in the cost of paper and their storage of medical records. The cutting-edge technology could improve it further in the future for both the benefit of the patients to curtail their medical expenses and for the increase the proficiency of the doctors.

Last words:

With help and support from everyone concerned it is only one way with EMRs for a better future of healthcare innovations.