The Remain cause, and Lord Adonis
Owen Jones

Oh, and by the way, remind me why Brexit is so bad again? Other than completely irrelevant notions of ‘imperialism’ and ignorance of exactly what the EU is — not Europe, the EU — childish lies about ‘racism’ and the stupidity of the ‘stupid old white people’ who voted Leave…could you all be more patronsing, rude and totally lacking in self awareness as you characterise leave voters as ‘Brexshitters’ while banging on about hate on the so-called right? Do any of you know or have any understanding of where the EU is heading? Nope. Morons. The fact that the MP’s actually voted to give everyone the referendum — Anna Soubry actually said before the 2015 election that we should vote Tory to get a referendum- and are now conspiring to screw us over…I mean are you serious here? This remains the most disgusting betrayal of the electorate in my lifetime. And that includes Iraq, that other product of Tony Blair’s ‘mind’…

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