How to teach your child to read as a stay-at-home dad 🤓 #dadlife

Jan 2 · 3 min read

By: Tyler Boyden (DaysoftheDad)

Being a dad these days can be hard if you don’t have too much support from your family to figure things out. Most fathers I know didn’t think about helping their children start to read until after the age of one and I believe this to be a BIG mistake.

Importance of reading

Teaching your kid to read is one of the best skills to start with as they’re growing up. It’s proven that reading to the baby even while they’re still in the womb can improve their cognitive skills early on.

Unlike when they’re watching a show a book allows them to touch the pages, control where they look on the page rather than being guided and also is a wonderful chance for them to start recognizing the letters of the alphabet.

As a parent you want to start reading with them as early as possible to instill curiosity and so they don’t fall behind their peers when they get to school.

Tips on teaching them to read

  • Make sure that they have eaten, played and you guys are in a distraction free environment 📵
  • You could use this as a way to calm them down before a nap or bedtime 😴
  • Try to read for at least 10 minutes every day 📖
  • Point at the words as you read so they understand what the words look like as well as the proper way to read (at least in most cases) left to right
  • Get excited with them as you read the story so that they stay interested and become more curious
  • Please fellow fathers for the love of God don’t read the book in a monotone 😐 try to make a fun voice to read to them with 🙃
  • Don’t make them sit down and read if they don’t want to at the time try again later
  • Make sure it’s age appropriate (meaning that I don’t think a 2 year old would sit through The Hobbit 🤣)
  • If their old enough let them pick out the book to buy/read
  • Try to get the whole family to help out (shown below)

Learning to read is an invaluable skill for children and presents an amazing chance for a father to bond with his kid(s). There’s always time to read even if it’s just 10 minutes a week. Please don’t ever get discouraged as a parent and think you’re not doing enough 💪 as long as you’re trying your best it’ll always be enough for them. We got this guys! 👊


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