Regen Village

隨著1990年代即在荷蘭出現的生態社區,預計明年完工的 ReGen Villages 基地位於阿姆斯特丹東邊市鎮Almere。以自給社區為目標,包含糧食自主、能源與棄物在地循環、物聯網的資源管理系統等,更提出在地社區營造的上下游單位與族群鏈結,建築師、都市規劃員、教育機構、品牌產業都是串連的角色。我想這是近代都市規劃不可或缺的在地參與式設計環節。



Vision of Regen Village:

  • Engineering and facilitating the development of integrated and resilient neighborhoods that power and feed self reliant families around the world.
  • IoT-integrated infrastructure enable thriving communities with surplus energy, water and organic food in the aggregate become asset classes that can amortize and reduce mortgage payments.
  • Partnering with regional land developers, architects, construction, universities and brand manufacturing firms to maximize cost-benefit efficiency that enable global scaling of development projects.

Team: EFFEKT, Danmark
Project website: Regen Village, Amsterdam

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