Hypernova: Introducing Hyper-Strategy and Hyper-Lending Pool on Stella

Stella’s Next Phase to Redefine DeFi Yields with Liquid Staking Tokens Strategy

4 min readSep 20


This marks a pivotal moment in Stella’s journey to adopt trending narratives like LST while prioritizing user safety and choice.

It’s time for a monumental change as Stella enters a new phase. The ‘Hyper’ initiative is all about enhancing Stella’s current Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) model with the goal of making it easier for users to adopt new and innovative leveraged strategies.

Stella’s taking it up a notch by introducing ‘Hyper-Strategy’ and ‘Hyper-Lending Pool’, to provide a secure platform for users to leverage newly innovative strategies and lend new token offerings.


Take leverage with Hyper-Strategy to access emerging innovative strategies with high-yield potential like the Leveraged Pendle LP Strategy on Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs), where Leveragoors will be able to get up to 30% on the leveraged LST Pendle strategy using single-sided ETH.

Hyper-Lending Pool

Lend assets to the Hyper-Lending Pool to increase your potential of generating higher lending APRs. Assets in the Hyper-Lending Pool will be strategically deployed within the Hyper-Strategy LPs, offering the added benefit of earning additional rewards from underlying protocols (whereas lenders in the standard lending pools, i.e., Uniswap V3, will only get real yield shared from the Leveragoors). This distinctive nature of Hyper-Strategy enables Stella to steadily accumulate rewards and distribute yields to lenders daily while your principal is protected and unaffected by fluctuations in price exposure volatility.

Moreover, Lenders will have greater control over how their assets are used, with the option to participate in either the Hyper-Strategy LPs or the standard strategy LPs. This further enhances the alignment of incentives between Leveragoors and Lenders, creating a more efficient system.

The User Experience of the Hyper Upgrade on Stella Users


  • The process to open a position remains unchanged, but now offers a greater variety of strategies for Leveragoors to choose from and enjoy leveraged passive yields on innovative protocols like Pendle.
  • You’ll be able to leverage LST Pendle pools with minimal impermanent loss. This new strategy type will be categorized as Hyper-Strategy, which borrows liquidity from the Hyper-Lending Pool.

Below are the mock versions of the DApp for Stella Strategy.

The Hyper-Strategies will be labeled with a ‘Hyper’ sign next to the pool name (Mock version only).
Leveragoors to input the supply amount of ETH and adjust the leverage level as desired. Stella will automatically swap the wstETH and PT wstETH in the backend for you to open a position (Mock version only).


  • At launch, there will be two types of lending pools in ETH: Hyper-Lending Pool and Standard Lending Pool

Below are the mock versions of the DApp for Stella Lend.

The Hyper-Lending Pools will be labeled with a ‘Hyper’ sign next to the pool name (Mock version only).
  • ETH lenders will be able to direct how their liquidity produces yield.
  • Select Hyper-Lending Pool for your liquidity to be used for Hyper-Strategy (e.g. Leveraged LST Pendle strategy) and Standard Strategy (e.g. Leveraged Uniswap V3 LP strategy on blue-chip assets).
  • You may expect Hyper-Lending Pool to generate a higher and more sustainable APR as it is used for more high-yield strategies like Pendle’s stable pools.
ETH Hyper-Lending Pool (Mock version only).
  • Select Standard Lending Pool for your liquidity to be used ONLY for Standard Strategy (e.g. Leveraged Uniswap V3 LP strategy on blue-chip assets in the current version) which holds the highest level of security measured by several metrics such as TVL, token activity & utilities, supported by oracle (ex. Chainlink).
ETH standard lending pool (Mock version only).

Stella, Creating a Secure and Innovative Platform for Leveraged Strategies

At Stella, our ultimate aim is to establish Hyper-Strategy as the premier destination for leveraging innovative, emerging strategies, all while ensuring the utmost security for users. Concurrently, Stella aspire to position the Hyper-Lending Pool as the primary hub for lending liquidity on the Stella platform, offering users the highest levels of capital efficiency.

Simultaneously, Stella will continue to support existing standard leveraged strategies (Uniswap V3 strategies on blue-chip assets) and lending pools. This ensures that users who prefer familiar assets and strategies can continue to enjoy their experience at Stella without exposure to the additional risks associated with the assets of the new strategies.

Be prepared to unleash the ultimate power of the Hyper-Strategy and Hyper-Lending Pool in this hyper-fueled universe. Stay tuned as we gear up for this journey together.

The Hypernova is just around the corner, ready to brighten your path!




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