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That’s what she said, Katherine Ryan

I don’t Dislike Men. I Dislike the Toxic Masculinity That Holds a Lot of Men Back
I don’t Dislike Men. I Dislike the Toxic Masculinity That Holds a Lot of Men Back
Katherine Ryan Stand-up | The World According To Katherine

The single woman has been dismissed as abnormal since forever. While we’re all social creatures, some of us need the protection of a partner more than others. That is not to say that single people are heartless individuals who care little about love, but rather that they have the strength, energy or patience for a more selective process that meets their actual needs.

Katherine Ryan is an advocate on behalf of all the single ladies. As a single mother, she dedicates a lot of her work on the complicated relationship society has with single women and single mothers in particular. Having her daughter Violet — the fanciest English child, as she often describes her — is the biggest blessing in Katherine’s life. …

New Zealand’s PM is a global inspiration today

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Jacinda Ardern has served as the 40th prime minister of New Zealand since 2017. She just won her re-election following an ultra successful first term. A long list of accomplishments could be inserted here, but what truly matters is that Jacinda has the people’s vote — she has the people’s love.

There are many resilience lessons we can all learn from New Zealand’s PM, from being a terrific leader that delivers daily global inspiration to millions of people to excelling as a wife and mother. …

Mark Ruffalo shows another side of his acting career

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HBO | MovieStillsDB

Mark Ruffalo transformed into a twin role for HBO’s drama hit “I Know This Much Is True”. It’s the role that brought him an Emmy win for Outstanding Lead Actor.

What’s really fascinating about the show is how conscious it is about so many pressing issues: a gentle investigation into the human psyche delivered in a picturesque presentation over the course of six episodes.

The captivating storytelling is further enriched by truly mesmerizing cinematography of pure nostalgia for the days where we were a little bit more connected with each other — or at least trying to connect more, even if we didn’t understand life at all. …

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