7 Most Essential Office Materials That You Need in Your New Office

Starting up a new business is surely an exciting time. You’re all pumped up with energy to move mountains and reach sky heights. But firstly, you have to remember to start your journey by doing the small but equally important things, such as setting up the office for your new business. A well-furnished office stocked with all the necessary office materials will form a comfortable and dynamic working environment.

So before you do anything else for your business, you should make it a point to plan out your office and prepare a list of all the office essentials that you’ll need to buy from your office supplier Copenhagen. Here’s a succinct checklist of 7 essential office stationery items that you should definitely have in your new office:

1. Basic Office Stationery Items

This includes the most basic items that you’ll be using on a day-to-day basis like office paper, pens, pencils, staplers, files and folders, notepads, diaries, calendars and planners, staplers, envelopes, adhesives, highlighters, calculators, sticky notes, etc. It’s preferable to order these in bulk from your stationery Copenhagen supplier because it’s cheaper that way. You can even customize these stationery items and get your company name and logo printed on them.

2. Conference Room Essentials

You’ll be sitting down for a lot many meetings, so it’s important that you have a well-equipped conference room where you can hold all your presentations, discussions and brainstorming sessions. For this you’ll need glassboard, whiteboard, projector, meeting charts, laser pointers, chalks, marker pens, dusters, flipcharts, etc.

3. Xerox Machines

You need at least one xerox machine in your office so that you can quickly make photocopies of your documents whenever you need them. Get a machine that can make grey scale as well as colored copies. This way you’ll not have to run out to the nearest xerox place every time you need something photocopied.

4. Scanners

This is another one of the most useful office materials that you’ll need on daily basis, for scanning photos, paper documents and other print materials into digital files. Some of the common types of scanners that you can choose from are black and white scanners, color scanners, flatbed scanners and handheld scanners.

5. Printers

Have some good quality business-grade printers installed in your office for the convenience of everybody working at the office. The number of printers that you’ll be needing depends on the size of your workforce and your regular printing needs. If your work involves label packaging, supply chain management and related work, then you should also buy a hand-held label printer.

6. Shredders

Protecting the confidentiality of your sensitive business information should be your top priority because you don’t want it to be accessible to the wrong people. Paper shredders can help you safely dispose of documents that carry confidential information but are no longer required.

7. Food Supplies

You and your employees will be spending a good portion of your day in the office. So it only makes sense to have food related supplies like tea and coffee makers, cutlery, crockery, snacks items, vending machine, etc. ready on hand.

Article Translated from Danish Blog: https://goo.gl/2xV5tZ