STELSI360 Launch: Introducing a New Dimension to Lifestyle with Web3 Architecture Platform

4 min readMar 17, 2024

STELSI, a lifestyle platform based on Web3.0, has just announced the launch of 360-degree panoramic service STELSI 360.

Using Unreal Engine 5, STELSI offers a realistic and intuitive XR experience, serving as an architectural metaverse platform that supports the integration of blockchain technology into various facets of the construction industry, including planning, design, construction, and real estate. Its ultimate goal is to transcend spatial experiences through an expanded worldview and community.

The STELSI 360 access screen for ‘Healing Ground’

The newly unveiled STELSI 360 boasts high-quality graphics, exceptional immersion, fast and intuitive experiences, and easy content expansion. This enables users to seamlessly immerse themselves in the mesmerizing world of the metaverse.

The first project of STELSI 360, ‘Healing Ground’, designed by the Total Space Planning Advisory Group ‘jpa.’, of Junglim Architecture, which boasts over 50 years of history in the fields of development, data analysis, and specialized design. It is a space that combines faithful messages and art, offering services such as immersive experiences, exhibitions, meditation, and prayer offerings. To commemorate the opening of ‘Healing Ground’, the STELSI Foundation is hosting a Bible Card sales event. The proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Anglican Music School (AMI) in Madagascar.

STELSI provides users with the opportunity to build their own virtual buildings through collaboration with real-world architectural experts. This collaboration, combined with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), helps realize creative virtual environments that are unimaginable in reality. However, STELSI’s vision extends beyond architecture to expand the innovative potential of the metaverse across various industries and daily life. STELSI 360 services offer a chance for all customers, from individual creators to businesses, to build, distribute, and operate a variety of metaverse spaces, catering to those seeking ownership of digital spaces.

To achieve this, STELSI endeavors to cultivate the ecosystem and generate added value through partnerships with various AI, NFT, and blockchain companies. As a result, STELSI is garnering attention as a new, innovative platform capable of constructing virtual spaces for various purposes, ranging from personal projects to large-scale urban developments. Anticipated to play a significant role in shaping a new era of digital space expansion as a Web3 architecture platform, STELSI is poised to usher in a new era where reality and virtuality seamlessly converge through the fusion of blockchain technology and architectural metaverses. These efforts and innovative services by STELSI are heightening expectations for the future of digital architecture and virtual experiences.

The STELSI 360 access screen for ‘Healing Ground’
The STELSI 360 access screen for ‘Healing Ground’
The STELSI 360 access screen for ‘Healing Ground’
Aerial View of ‘Healing Ground’ , STELSI 360


STELSI is a Web3-based metaverse project developed based on blockchain technology for construction and real estate industries, such as architectural planning and design, construction, and building management. The first island of the STELSI Project, “hola!”, is planned by a group of experts with unique expertise and know-how in each field, considering community, usage, balance, skyline, and density.

The STELSI project provides a high-quality metaverse space with high rarity and experiential value, where communication between users and architectural experts is achieved based on Unreal Engine.

The ultimate goal of the STELSI is to create a new business area for the metaverse industry through an expanded worldview and community and to make a lifestyle platform that can transcend the experience of a space with strengths in software and content.

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