The 38th Young Architects Forum x STELSI Collaboration

6 min readJan 18, 2024

Beyond Realism — Architectural Odyssey in the Metaverse Era

Collaborating with STELSI and the Young Architects Forum Korea, the 38th Young Architects Forum thoroughly explores the metaverse lifestyle through innovative architecture and blockchain technology integration. As we stand at the brink of a new era, where the metaverse renaissance intersects with blockchain advancements in architecture, we aim to foster profound discussions on their impact and vision. We invite you to be a part of breaking barriers, exploring creative concepts, and suggesting solutions to propel and innovate metaverse architecture.


STELSI, an innovative project merging architecture and blockchain technology, is dedicated to pursuing a lifestyle metaverse. Drawing on the design expertise of industry architects, STELSI aims to transition the architecture industry into the Web 3.0 ecosystem by implementing diverse architectural structures and spaces on the metaverse platform. The goal is to enhance the value of virtual spaces and offer users novel digital experiences.

Founded in December 2011, the Young Architects Forum Korea strives to create an environment where architects actively engage in society and promote broader appreciation of architecture. The annual conference party serves as a platform for communication and exchange between young architects and society, emphasizing the importance and diversity of architecture.

At the threshold of a new era, the 38th Young Architects Forum focuses on the theme “Beyond Realism: Architectural Odyssey in the Metaverse Era,” bringing together professionals from the architecture industry to explore the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and blockchain technology. The forum provides a unique space for architects who perceive the world differently, transcending dimensions.

Forum Topics

As architecture and the metaverse collaborate and explore the future at the threshold of a new era, the collaboration forum between the Young Architects Forum and STELSI is centered around the theme “Beyond Realism: Architectural Odyssey in the Metaverse Era.” The forum will revolve around key discussion topics:

  • Architectural Manifesto in the Metaverse Renaissance:
    Exploring the rapid evolution of the world in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with a focus on the Renaissance of AI architecture and the metaverse. Examining the creative design born from the harmony of tradition and modernity, and how it contributes to the future architecture of the digital age.
  • The Emerging Role and Responsibilities of Architects:
    Emphasizing the balance of creativity and ethics in the convergence of blockchain and the metaverse. Highlighting the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment in digital spaces while exploring the architect’s new role in the Web3 era and the need for collaboration and sharing.
  • Exploring Diversity in the Digital Realism:
    Investigating how architecture becomes more diverse within the infinite virtual experiences offered by the metaverse. Considering new challenges in pursuing creativity and innovation in metaverse architecture amid advancements in digital technology.

Forum Details

  1. Date: January 25th, Thursday, 19:00 ~ 23:00
  2. Location: WEPLE Building 1st Floor (7 Wonhyo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul)
  • Schedule
  • 19:00 ~ 19:10 Opening Remarks(Kyungdo Kim, RoA Architects)
  • 19:10 ~ 19:25 Speaker 1-Ryan Sang-hoon Shim, STELSI Inc.
  • 19:25 ~ 19:40 Speaker 2-Minho Yoo, D’CENT & WEPIN wallet
  • 19:40 ~ 19:55 Speaker 3-Kyunghoon Kim, jpa. JUNGLIM Architecture
  • 19:55 ~ 20:00 Speaker 4-Jeff Kim, WEPLE Entertainment
  • 20:00 ~ 20:20 Speaker Q&A Session
  • 20:20 ~ 20:30 Closing Remarks
  • 20:30 ~ 23:00 Networking Party
Kyungdo Kim, RoA Architects

Moderator: Kim Kyungdo, Founder and Principal Architect at RoA architects

Kim Kyungdo, a graduate of Hanyang University, pursued further studies in architecture at ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). Presently, he holds the position of Founder and Principal Architect at RoA architects. Some of his prominent works include the Culture Bunker Base, the renovation of DaeSun Flour Mill Yeouido Factory, and the design of Gwanghwamun Public Square.

Ryan Sang-hoon Shim, STELSI Inc.

Speaker: Ryan Sanghoon Shim, STELSI Inc. CEO

Ryan Sanghoon Shim, the CEO of STELSI Inc., holds a degree in Architecture from Sungkyunkwan University and completed his master’s degree in Future City Convergence Engineering at the graduate school. Through the STELSI project, he is actively engaged in building a metaverse platform with a strong focus on the architecture industry, utilizing blockchain technology. His aim is to foster a healthy and transparent ecosystem while exploring new possibilities within the expanding blockchain-driven architecture and construction industry.

Minho Yoo, D’CENT & WEPIN wallet

Speaker: Minho Yoo Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)&co-founder at IoTrust.

Graduating from Seoul National University with a degree in Industrial Engineering, he commenced his professional career as a developer. Evolving over time, he eventually became one of the co-founders of IoTrust. Since 2017, his primary focus has been on blockchain wallet services, actively contributing to the development of the personal blockchain wallet kown as D’CENT wallet and the enterprise-centric blockchain wallet servie named WEPIN wallet.

Kyunghoon Kim, jpa. JUNGLIM Architecture

Speaker: Kyunghoon Kim, CCO at jpa. JUNGLIM Architecture.

“From my perspective, architecture encapsulates the essence of life, where the interplay between nature and humans forms harmonious coexistence”

Having been invited as an artist at the 2012 Republic of Korea Architectural Exhibition and graduating from Hanyang University Graduate School, he has developed into an architect at Junglim Architecture. In his roles as Design Principal and N.I.D Lab leader, he brings a wealth of experience in executing projects across various facilities and engaging in a spectrum of architectural work on different scales. Currently, his primary focus is on architectural projects, particularly emphasizing spatial branding and design.

Jeff Kim, WEPLE Entertainment

JEFF Kim, WEPLE Entertainment CEO & Director at WEPLE Gallery.
One Earth Project

Under his leadership, WEPLE Entertainment’s vision has been rooted in fostering communication and building relationships with diverse artists both domestically and internationally, a philosophy that originated from the early days of establishing WEPLE Gallery. The company aims to create a robust bridge for collaboration between artists and brands, aspiring to build a global community where the collaborations between artists and brands can be enjoyed by audiences worldwide.

3. Host/Organizer

STELSI Inc. & Young Architects Forum Korea

4. Sponsors

  • WEPLE Entertainment
  • Wepin Wallet
  • jpa. JUNGLIM Architecture
  • Schüco (Samik Window)
  • sto(KINRINENC)
  • Mblock (Maekyung Media)
  • Tokenpost
The 38th Young Architecture Forum Poster, YAFK x STELSI

STELSI expresses gratitude for the continuous support in the past year. The project focuses on integrating blockchain technology to enhance transparency in architecture, empowering consumers to assess value. Addressing challenges in traditional construction-consumer accessibility, STELSI aims to ease consumer difficulty in evaluating construction value. The goal is to establish a platform for transparent, healthy choices in high-quality construction, facilitated by blockchain integration. In 2023, notable milestones were achieved with support.

AI Generative Architecture Design Contest : STELSI Showdown 003 Winner Announcement


STELSI is a Web3-based metaverse project developed based on blockchain technology for construction and real estate industries, such as architectural planning and design, construction, and building management. The first island of the STELSI Project, “hola!”, is planned by a group of experts with unique expertise and know-how in each field, considering community, usage, balance, skyline, and density.

The STELSI project provides a high-quality metaverse space with high rarity and experiential value, where communication between users and architectural experts is achieved based on Unreal Engine.

The ultimate goal of the STELSI is to create a new business area for the metaverse industry through an expanded worldview and community and to make a lifestyle platform that can transcend the experience of a space with strengths in software and content.

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STELSI- a decentralized metaverse island where the limits of reality are your imagination.