STEM for all

After a sufficient exchange of ideas, we finally agreed to work on education for the final project of Amal fellowship because it is said,

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” — Nelson Mandela.

Being engineering students ourselves, we decided to do something that can truly encourage the spirit for science and technology in young students.

In order to accomplish our task, we racked our brains collectively all day to come up with a relevant organization under which we could work. And finally one of our team members mentioned “STEM5”, an education startup where he had been working some time ago. As STEM5 was already determined towards engaging engineering undergraduates to teach and inspire under privileged kids in STEM so all of us agreed on it.

Learning and education takes great effort so we have decided to complete our project over a span of two months. This will require us to dedicate time to the project each week. Our activities will range from preparing tutorials and arranging classrooms to delivering lectures and evaluating students. Moreover, there will be a need to effectively divide the work amongst ourselves. Hence, we have split our tasks into five. One of the members will be involved in managing the discussion with the organization. Two people will be going through Scratch, the software that we have to teach the students. There will be one student managing the social media part and another one will be working on blogs. The presentation and teaching will involve each of the members.

Presently, we have been able to reach one of the members of “STEM5” and hopefully, we will be able to begin our work soon.