1. You want to make money, right?

Investments into startups come with a high risk, but also a high return on the investment. Studies show that, on average, exits generated 2.6 times the invested capital in 3.5 years from investment to exit. If you had invested just $10,000 in Amazon, Dell, Apple, or Microsoft, when they went IPO, you’d be a millionaire according to the IPO Playbook. But imagine if you had invested long before the IPO? How would that return on the investment make you feel right now?

2. STEAM education is a hot topic all around the world

Most education systems are unable to teach children valuable skills for the future where there will be a shortfall of 85 million jobs. While STEAM field employment opportunities are projected to grow around 2x faster than any non-related industry, younger generations will not have had the time or training to take many of the high-skilled jobs left behind.

The time to radically improve education is NOW. The need for a shift in the way we inspire our children to be interested is critical.

That’s why we partnered up with the company Milestone C to develop a Bio-inspired Robotics for middle…

The three of us — two students, and a Biology teacher headed our way from Zrenjanin Grammar School to Petnica.

In the beginning, we knew very little about STEM education and new technologies and had no prior practical experience in robotics. In this quite large group of people, every little thing drew our attention. However, the real challenge was our first encounter with the charming hexapods.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to in the last year.

Last year was a year of technological and business development, a year of great influence on young people throughout Croatia, and soon the world.

We contributed to the younger members of our society through workshops, projects, summer and winter camps, and, of course, through a product that was carefully designed to bring anyone into the world of creation, robotics, and programming.

The year 2018 was marked with the completion of our product — the new STEMI Hexapod robot — and its placement on the market.

Get your child to use the latest Google AI tools this Christmas

December is upon us and chances are you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your child.

Playing video games or tons of candy worked last year, but why not let your child experience something totally different this year? Why not introduce your kid to robotics?

We at STEMI prepared an amazing Christmas gift for our Hexapod users. In addition to our acclaimed Hexapod robot and over 100 educational lessons in programming, 3D modeling, and robotics, we created an extra course teaching kids how to build their voice control app for controlling the robot.

Adults of this world are…

It doesn’t take much to make kids interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Yes, yes, STEM is everywhere nowadays but this story is somewhat different.

Petnica and Osijek Software City organized Robotics camp powered by American Embassy in Belgrade and Zagreb. Our task was to provide basic education on robotics to high school students and their teachers from 16 schools in Croatia and Serbia.

Turn these kids into robotics engineers in just several days? Challenge accepted!

Robotic camp Osijek, 2018.

The first step — get into the STEM

The first part of the robotics camp started in Petnica, beautiful research center responsible for STEM education among young…

Originally published on STEMI Blog by Marko Luka Zubcic

Q&A with Vedran Miletić

In June 2014, Elon Musk opened up all Tesla patents. In a blog post announcing this, he wrote that patents “serve merely to stifle progress, entrench the positions of giant corporations and enrich those in the legal profession, rather than the actual inventors.” In other words, he joined those who believe that free knowledge is the prerequisite for a great society — that it is the vibrancy of the educated masses that can make us capable of handling the strange problems our world is made of.

The movements that promote and…

Originally published on STEMI Blog by Marko Luka Zubcic

Q&A with Kristian Benić

A makerspace is a curious place. It is a place where you hang out with people who like to make things, tinker with things and exchange knowledge about things. It is usually also a place where you can have access to technology too expensive for you to buy it yourself. But more importantly, it is a place where you can meet people with different skills, a variety of them as big as is the community using that makerspace. A makerspace is a “community-operated workspace“, and as such…

Originally published on STEMI Blog by Marko Luka Zubcic

We humans are a strange bunch. We need to have things presented to us in special ways in order to pay attention to them, grasp them and be moved by them. We need those things to make sense in our immediate lives. Otherwise, we tend to either ignore them or even become frustrated by them.

This is what people from marketing know all too well, and they use the stories we tell ourselves about our lives to make their products more desirable to us. Despite all its bad reputation, this is…

Originally published on STEMI Blog by Lana Lucin

Where is the gap?

The achievement gap between male and female students in STEM fields is steadily closing, but majority of companies and offices in tech industry are still mostly filled with boys. It is slightly worrying that environments where so many cool things are being done lack diversity. Studies and initiatives, warning on the lack of girls in STEM fields, are problematizing this sort of homogeneity in certain professions, emphasizing the need of engaging as many diverse and talented minds as possible in solving the scientific and technological problems the world faces. However, the range…

STEMI education

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