Intelligent toys for Christmas

Get your child to use the latest Google AI tools this Christmas

December is upon us and chances are you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your child.

Playing video games or tons of candy worked last year, but why not let your child experience something totally different this year? Why not introduce your kid to robotics?

We at STEMI prepared an amazing Christmas gift for our Hexapod users. In addition to our acclaimed Hexapod robot and over 100 educational lessons in programming, 3D modeling, and robotics, we created an extra course teaching kids how to build their voice control app for controlling the robot.

Adults of this world are shifting the society to become more and more automated — focusing on self-driving cars, smart personal assistants and cleaning robots. But what about our children? Are they ready to embrace the technology as something they understand or are they stepping into this world surrounded by seemingly magical devices? Let’s make our kids understand basic of robotics and programming to prepare them to become creators of their future instead of just passive consumers.

In “You can talk to your Hexapod” quest our charming educator Mia teaches kids how to use Google’s speech recognizer to convert their voice commands into actual robot’s actions. That way, kids can command their robot to walk in all directions, turn on its LEDs to a certain color or turn them off and, actually, so much more using their voice. And their programming skills, of course. ;)

STEMI Hexapod voice control

All of this sounds quite cool, right? That’s because it is. :)

So don’t hesitate, make this year’s Christmas present the one to remember and give your kids a chance to experience a tech adventure in which they become the inventors!