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Most education systems are unable to teach children valuable skills for the future where there will be a shortfall of 85 million jobs. While STEAM field employment opportunities are projected to grow around 2x faster than any non-related industry, younger generations will not have had the time or training to take many of the high-skilled jobs left behind.

The time to radically improve education is NOW. The need for a shift in the way we inspire our children to be interested is critical.

That’s why we partnered up with the company Milestone C to develop a Bio-inspired Robotics for middle schools and high schools. The program consists of a tested classroom curriculum, teacher training, teacher notes, hand-outs, and 24/7 teacher and tech support. Students learn important industry technical skills like 3D modeling, mobile app development, and embedded programming and also develop crucial 21st-century competencies like creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and life-long learning.

Stemi lab, an online educational platform, enables us to radically reduce the time needed to transfer relevant skills and industry knowledge into classrooms and update programs in real-time. With the price of USD 20 / EUR 18 per student per month, we provide the most cost-effective solution for raising a new generation of engineers and problem solvers.

The goal is set pretty high — to disrupt and advance educational ecosystems around the world and accelerate high-tech workforce development through STEMI lab.


The company is now looking for investment to scale the business in the USA and EU markets. The plan is to build the infrastructure to support the seamless integration of STEAM programs into schools, grow a large customer base as quickly as possible and create a feedback loop for introducing new products on the market.

Why Funderbeam?

Stemi started with crowdfunding, so that’s something in our DNA. We think it adds another layer of transparency and responsibility.

We see it as a great tool to give people the opportunity to help you grow the company. Funderbeam makes it extremely easy to invest in a startup company. You can do it with your smartphone while relaxing on your couch at home. Literally! No need for notary public, lawyers, long meetings, Funderbeam takes care of all of that.

And crowdfunding is a form of direct democracy. Do you think it’s about time to start teaching kids in schools about robots, drones, AI, IoT, and neuroscience? Great, you can contribute to achieving that goal by directly investing in Stemi that’s solving that problem. Everybody can invest, as a private person or a company, the minimum investment is EUR 100.

Want your money back at any given time? No problem, you don’t need to wait for a company to become profitable or make an exit. You can start trading your shares immediately after the campaign.

How to invest?

👉 1. Go to our Funderbeam campaign and learn more about our future plans, CLICK HERE:
👉 2. Register and verify your account with your ID or passport. Don’t be scared of the test, there are no wrong answers. The verification process usually takes up to 24 hours.
👉 3. Indicate how much are you willing to invest. The minimum investment is 100 EUR. You don’t need to transfer the money until the campaign finishes and successfully reaches the goal (January 2020).

Invest in Stemi and help us raise a new generation of engineers and problem solver:

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