My @Gett taxi review.

I’ve had a pretty rubbish experience with Gett.

I really have a vested interest in keeping black cabs on the road, so if app companies are letting the trade down, feel its appropriate to write this post.

This is yet another typical big company nightmare where have to write publicly or write a bad app store review to make sure somebody somewhere actions something..

Some things I don’t understand to start:
Why did you not just make a separate app for your taxi stuff? I don’t think I’ll be going to your app to your anytime soon to get plastered on champagne.

Possibly would use this if it was Bolly. But for now, stick to sending me knowledgeable cabbies.

Does this mean anything? Do I get anything for this?

As a Super Pro, I feel neglected.

Few things to air…

  • Had cabbies that have taken the mickey with fares (e.g. took some pretty dodgy routes that would DEFINITELY have traffic). I have rated their drivers and put a note, but heard nothing back. This sucks and there are cabbies who may read this who will put their head in their hands.
  • Sent a number of tweets to @Gett but not had a response until 3pm — that tweet being an acknowledgement.
  • E-mailed Gett and not got a reply.
  • I have however: had a good experience with most cabbies. So this rocks.

But today, I lost my iPhone in the back of a black cab and emailed Gett around 8am. I tweeted a couple of times and eventually got a response.

My iPhone has been all across London today!

I am guessing that Gett don’t have a London base. They sprang into action at 3 PM which is 8 AM west US…

So, my iPhone has been about town all day, I fortunately know its not in the wrong hands but I bet the driver has not seen the lock message with the phone number.

In summary: Gett customer support is just total garbage. *US English for Gett.

Update: got in touch with cabbie who said that Gett hadn’t been in touch at all. Cheers guys.

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